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World12 Chinese Military Aircraft Infiltrate the Defense Zone, Angry Taiwan!

12 Chinese Military Aircraft Infiltrate the Defense Zone, Angry Taiwan!


Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense reported that at least 12 Chinese military aircraft were detected flying into its air defense zone on Tuesday (29/8) morning local time. Taipei warned of a potential “sharp escalation” in military tensions as a result of Beijing’s latest military activity.

Several of the Chinese military aircraft were also reported to have crossed the sensitive median line in the Taiwan Strait. Thus as reported ReutersTuesday (20/8/2023).

Democratic self-ruled Taiwan has complained over the past three years of increasing military pressure from China, much of it involving the deployment of Air Force assets flying near the island. China insists on claiming Taiwan as part of its sovereign territory.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, in a statement on Tuesday (29/8) morning, reported it detected 12 Chinese military aircraft airborne within its air defense identification zone (ADIZ).

“Continued military harassment by the Communist military in the region could lead to a sharp escalation in tensions and worsen regional security,” Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

Taipei also called on Beijing to ‘urgently stop such unilateral actions’.

“We urge Beijing to take responsibility and immediately stop all unilateral actions that undermine regional stability,” he stressed.

Taiwan’s ADIZ is a large area monitored and patrolled by Taiwan’s military, to give its troops more time to respond to emerging threats. In its action, Chinese military planes only entered ADIZ and had not entered Taiwan’s airspace.

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