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World15 cases of suspected hepatitis seen in Indonesia

15 cases of suspected hepatitis seen in Indonesia

Indonesian Minister of Health, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, said at the online press conference that 15 cases of unknown origin and suspected hepatitis have been recorded in Indonesia so far, Channel News Asia reported.

Minister Sadikin stated that when the first suspected cases were reported on April 27, he issued a circular requesting the surveillance and monitoring of such cases from all hospitals and health institutions.

“Singapore announced the first suspected case on April 30, and Indonesia has 15 suspected cases so far,” Sadikin said. said.

Noting that most of the cases of hepatitis of unknown origin were recorded in the UK, where more than 100 cases were seen, the Minister stated that the Indonesian government is in coordination with the UK and US disease control and prevention centers to determine what caused the disease.

Noting that despite receiving a lot of information about the virus from these centers, the result of what actually causes hepatitis cases is still not certain, Sadikin stated that the World Health Organization (WHO) continues its research on the subject.

Mysterious cases of hepatitis

WHO, in a written statement on April 16, announced that 74 children in England had detected the hepatitis virus of unknown cause.

The hepatitis virus was also seen in Spain, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Japan, the USA, Canada and Israel towards the end of April.

It has been reported that the children in whom the virus was detected have experienced symptoms such as jaundice, diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain for the last month, and some cases were treated by liver transplantation due to severe liver inflammation.

The definition of the disease as “mysterious” or “of uncertain cause” brought the Covid-19 virus to mind, while also bringing up the possibility of a new “global Pandemic”.

Before being named, Covid-19 was described as a “mysterious lung condition”.

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