Tuesday, 26 September 2023
World2 Indonesian Pencak Silat Groups Clash in Taiwan, 1 Person Killed

2 Indonesian Pencak Silat Groups Clash in Taiwan, 1 Person Killed


Fierce clashes occurred between two Indonesian pencak silat groups at a train station in western Taiwan. The clashes resulted in one death and 29 people arrested.

quoted Taiwan NewsTuesday (5/9/2023), the fight occurred on Saturday (2/9) evening local time outside Changhua train station, with several people suffering serious injuries.

One of the people died from his injuries, while the other is in critical condition. Police said they arrested 29 suspects, and after further investigation, investigations were opened against 15 more suspects for involvement in serious crimes.

The Changhua Regional Police reported that a 32-year-old Indonesian male was stabbed in the back and later died. Meanwhile, a 21-year-old man was stabbed four times while still under hospital observation, reported Liberty Times.

Weapons seized at the crime scene included knives, machetes, samurai swords, screwdrivers and other items.

Police have expanded their search efforts for the suspect. In less than 16 hours, the 24-year-old main murder suspect, an Indonesian citizen, was arrested in Taichung City.

The suspect took police to a ditch next to Jixiang Road in Changhua City, where officers found a knife allegedly used to commit the murder.

Taiwanese authorities said they would notify the Indonesian representative office in Taiwan to assist the victim’s family in arranging the funeral.


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