Thursday, 22 February 2024
World2 planes crash again at Japanese airport, no victims

2 planes crash again at Japanese airport, no victims


Another plane crash incident occurred at a Japanese airport, specifically at New Chitose Airport, Hokkaido Island. Two planes reportedly collided with each other without any casualties.

Reported by Reuters, Tuesday (16/1/2024), the two planes involved in the collision were Korean Air Lines (003490.KS) and Cathay Pacific Airways.

Meanwhile, based on information, the incident occurred when a tow truck pushed the Korean Air plane backwards before departure. The car then skidded due to snow on the ground which then led to an incident where the left wing of the Korean Air plane collided with the right wing of the Cathay Pacific plane.



“Korean Air Lines’ initial assessment attributed the cause to ground crew towing the plane in heavy snow,” airline officials said.

Meanwhile, local media said there were no injuries as a result of the incident. “No injuries were reported on either plane,” Japanese media said.

Furthermore, local officials reported that Korean Air was carrying 289 passengers. There is no information regarding victims as a result of the incident.

The Korean Air flight carried 289 passengers and crew, an airline official said.

However, Japanese media reports have different information regarding whether or not there were passengers on board the Cathay Pacific plane. Cathay Pacific Airways could not immediately be reached for comment. An airport spokesperson also could not be reached for comment.

For your information, in early January 2024, a plane crash also occurred at Haneda airport, Japan. At that time, the Japan Airlines plane JAL-516 caught fire as a result of the incident.


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