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World2024, crucial year for Mexico

2024, crucial year for Mexico

The year has just begun, dear reader, and we already have the topics to discuss on the agenda. Without a doubt, the main one is that 2024 will be a year full of elections in the world and Mexico will not be the exception.

We will have elections in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia, India, El Salvador, the European Union, Venezuela, the United States, and in Mexico, perhaps the first female president in the country’s history will be elected. In total, more than four billion people in the world will exercise the right to elect their highest political authorities in one way or another.

In this sense, citizen participation is crucial, as already happened in the first election of the year in Taiwan, in which the vote was close to 72% of the electorate, undoubtedly a high and positive percentage for any election.

At Coparmex Mexico City we want the greatest number of citizens to participate in the election next June, so we seek, through the “Get Ready With Me for Democracy” campaign, for the majority of people to have their credentials. of elector of the National Electoral Institute and can participate in the next presidential election.

We are just one week away from the closing of the opportunity to obtain or update the voter ID, let’s not miss this great opportunity to decide the direction of the country.

We are certain that citizen participation, the risk of changing laws with electoral calculations, the danger of organized crime influencing polling stations in different parts of the country are issues that we cannot leave lightly.

It is time to present clear ideas to take advantage of the opportunities that the country has in Foreign Direct Investment, Nearshoring and tourism, in addition to giving how public deficits will be corrected to guarantee economic stability from 2025, beyond promises of more public spending.

In this context, at Coparmex CDMX we propose five fundamental challenges to make Mexico City safer, fairer, more prosperous and more humane: create one hundred thousand formal jobs, prevent the rise in crime from becoming a trend, improve strategies to support micro, small and medium-sized businesses, take advantage of Nearshoring through a block of states in the center of the country and guarantee conditions of peace and stability before, during and after the electoral process in the capital.

The first challenge to meet is to generate the ideal conditions to create more than one hundred thousand formal jobs annually and accelerate the necessary transition from informality to formality, since at the end of 2023 there were barely 3,777 more jobs than those registered in the IMSS. in 2019, just before the Covid 19 pandemic began.

The second major area of ​​opportunity is for security and justice authorities to promptly address the spikes in some crimes such as extortion, business robbery, intentional homicide, among others. It is key to resume the downward trend that was observed between 2018 and 2022. For example, in the period January – November 2018, 1,461 victims of intentional homicide were registered, a figure that was reduced to 792 in 2022, but in The first eleven months of 2023 reached 840 victims in the same period.

Thirdly, it is essential to make further progress in strategies that support the productive sectors, small and medium-sized businesses by promoting private investment, innovation, competitiveness and sustainable development as drivers of the economic and social development of the capital. , above all, in the face of the Nearshoring phenomenon.

The fourth point is precisely relocation. It is necessary to take advantage of the potential of Nearshoring to attract more investments to this area, so we will present specific and viable proposals to the candidates on key issues such as energy, security, rule of law, infrastructure and water, in addition to creating a regional bloc with the Central States of the country to take advantage of this great opportunity that presents itself every hundred years.

The last point is to call on all political parties and their candidates so that, when the time comes, they offer respectful, transparent and responsible campaigns, in addition to presenting clear and viable proposals to address citizen demands and needs.

On behalf of the businessmen of CDMX, those of us who make up Coparmex in the country’s capital, we will promote civic culture that encourages citizen participation, informed voting and respect for electoral results.

Yes, we are sure that 2024 is a crucial year for Mexico. Let’s work to make the best possible decisions.

I take this opportunity to wish you, dear reader, a 2024 full of health, goals achieved and a lot of peace of mind in your life.

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