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India2024 will be 'special', 'these' things will happen for the first time...

2024 will be ‘special’, ‘these’ things will happen for the first time in the world..! Know more | leader

Leader Online Desk : Rekindling the memorable memories of last year and forgetting the bitter memories, everyone is gearing up to welcome the new year with new aspirations…new resolutions. The coming new year is going to be special for the world. ( 2024 Important Event ) Let’s know about the major international events in New Year…

Malnutrition medicine will be of great benefit

The Bill Gates Foundation is working on a drug that will end malnutrition. Phase-3 trials are being conducted on the drug to treat malnutrition. The use of this drug has been approved by the World Health Organization in the year 2024. More than 43 lakh children in India are victims of malnutrition. India will also benefit greatly from this medicine.

NASA will send 4 astronauts to the moon

In the year 2024, America’s space research agency ‘NASA; It will send its 4 astronauts to the moon. Earlier in 1972, NASA sent two astronauts to the moon in the Apollo-17 mission. Now after 52 years man is being sent to the moon. NASA astronauts will orbit the moon and return to Earth.

Supercomputer will be launched

Europe’s first X-scale supercomputer will be launched in 2024. It will be installed at the National Research Institute in Jülich, Germany. Supercomputers can perform 10 to 18 power calculations every second.

2024 Important Event: Largest spaceship

The largest spacecraft to date is being built for the Clipper mission. The spacecraft will weigh 3241 kg without fuel. The length of this spacecraft will be equal to a basketball court i.e. 30 meters. Designed for the Jupiter mission, this spacecraft will have 24 engines.

The Olympic Games will be held in Paris for the third time

In 2024, the Olympic Games will be held in the city of Paris, attracting the attention of the whole world. The Olympic Games will be held in Paris for the third time. So far, London is the only city to have hosted the Olympic Games three times. The first Olympic Games were organized in 1924 in Paris. The 2024 Olympic Games in Paris will cost around Rs 76,000 crore. 32 sports have been included in the Paris Olympics and 306 events will be held in it. The ‘break dance’ competition will also be seen for the first time in the Paris Olympics.

2024 Important Event: Film studio in space

Film studios will appear in space in 2024. This space studio will be named SEE-1. The studios are expected to be ready in December 2024. After that the work will start in this studio. The film will be shot at a height of 250 meters from the ground in this studio. It is going to be a different experience for the actors as well as the audience.

2024 Important Event: Women will step on the moon for the first time

In 2024, Victor Glover will become the first black person to walk on the moon. Christiana Koch will be the first woman to walk on the moon. Christiana Koch is considered a mission specialist. The lunar probe will be launched from the Kennedy Space Center.

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