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3 Health Problems You Can Check for on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6


In the modern era, technology makes it easy for people to control whatever they want, including health problems. By using smartwatchthere are several things that can be detected with it.

“Through the launch of the wearable Galaxy Watch 6 Series and folding devices Galaxy Z Fold 5 | “Samsung’s Z Flip 5 invites consumers to find new ways to adopt a healthier lifestyle through various innovative features that are easy to use,” said Annisa Nurul Maulina, MX Product Marketing Senior Manager, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

“As the latest Galaxy Ecosystem from Samsung, Galaxy Watch 6 Series will act as a support system in the current extreme weather which will provide guidance and tips needed to achieve more optimal wellness for its users, such as monitoring sleep quality with the Sleep Coaching feature, adjusting the right pace of exercise with the Personalized HR Zone feature, to measure body condition with the Body Composition feature,” he continued.

Here are three health problems that can be checked via a smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Watch6. Even though it cannot replace a doctor’s diagnosis, the Galaxy Watch6 can provide early detection of this.

1. Sleep health problems

Galaxy Watch6 has a Sleep Coaching feature, which provides personalized monitoring to maintain sleep quality. Users will get comprehensive sleep insights. personal.

How to activate Sleep Coaching is quite easy, just use the Galaxy Watch6 Series to track your sleep routine for seven days. Later, users will receive a Sleep Symbol in the form of an animated animal that represents sleep patterns according to the analysis. Every detailed information in the Sleep Coaching feature, such as sleep insights, step target settings, active time, to activity calories, will be synchronized and displayed on the Galaxy Z Fold5 or Flip5 device.

2. Monitor heart rate

Samsung has incorporated the Personalized Heart Rate (HR) Zone feature into the Galaxy Watch6 Series to provide a more individualized fitness experience. This feature allows users to customize appropriate workouts within limits while still keeping heart rate within a safe and effective range. This feature is also equipped with the ability to monitor and analyze the user’s heart rate in real-time like an ECG device in a hospital.

How to? First of all, select the ‘Running’ menu on the ‘Exercise Tile’ screen and run outdoors for more than 10 minutes. Next, touch the ‘Running’ menu and tap the settings icon to activate HR Zone guidance and HR targets before starting a workout.

3. Body Composition

By using Body Composition, users can find out their ideal body weight, muscle mass, fat percentage, water content, BMI (Body Mass Index) and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). That way, you will know whether your body is healthy or vice versa.

What has to be done is ‘measure’, then enter information about gender, height, and weight. Position the watch higher on the wrist. Raise your hand slightly and place your middle and ring fingers on the device’s buttons. Later, the user can get complete information about the condition of the body.

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