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World35,000 crowd in Gaza; Israeli tanks enter Jabalia and Rafah

35,000 crowd in Gaza; Israeli tanks enter Jabalia and Rafah

Rafa: Different sections on the day after Israel massacred 35,000 in Gaza Israel with a heavy attack. Israeli tanks also crossed the Jabaliya refugee camp outside Rafak. got up Many buildings in the eastern part of the camp were destroyed by heavy bombing. It was behind Tinu that the second tank was brought in within weeks. Fierce fighting continues between Hamas fighters and Israeli forces here. Kaya.

Civilian Residential Buildings and Shelters Israel Reports say that the army has turned around. Many people were killed in the night bombing. Those who were killed because rescue workers were not allowed to enter And the injured could not be brought out. Ambu near the UN refugee agency clinic in the center of the camp. There was a direct attack on Lansuk.

Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Neta said that there will be an attack soon. In the heavy attack on Rafah’s southern areas announced by Nyahu. 27 people including many children were killed. Here the Israeli army to evacuate more areas. Notice has been given. Three million Palestinians have already fled Rafah again. Thai reports say.

Nimr Khasat, a leading pediatrician in Deir Al-Ballah and Dr. Khan Yusuf was also killed. 63 dead bodies were found in 24 hours on the day when Kuruti was found at Ettida. Arrived at Supatri. 114 people were injured. With this, the number of people killed has become 35034. 78,755 people have been injured. More than 10,000 people are under construction debris.

UNICEF accuses Rafa’s 600,000 children of having nowhere to go Tutti. 80 percent of Gaza’s basic facilities have been completed in seven months. Gaza Civil Defense also announced that Israel has broken. They said that not a single hospital is functioning in Northern Gaza. added Meanwhile, from Gaza to the city of Ashkelon in Israel. Three people were slightly injured in the rocket attack.

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