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World39 People Killed in Shop Fire in China, 12 Suspects Arrested

39 People Killed in Shop Fire in China, 12 Suspects Arrested


At least 39 people died in a fire in a shopping building on a roadside in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province, China. Local police have arrested 12 people on suspicion of starting the deadly fire.

As reported Reuters And AFP, Thursday (25/1/2024), the fire occurred on Wednesday (24/1) afternoon local time in the basement of a shop on Tiangongnan Street, Yushui district. Video footage on social media Weibo showed thick black smoke coming out of a roadside shopping area in the district.

According to state television reports CCTVNewsthere was an internet cafe in the basement area of ​​the shop and a training institute on the top floor of the fire-ravaged building.



Local authorities reported that at least 39 people were killed and nine others were injured. The injured victims have been taken to local hospitals.

News agency Xinhuaciting local authorities, reported that the cause of the fire was the illegal use of fire by workers in the store’s basement.

“Thick smoke immediately enveloped the first and second floors, trapping students at the training facility there and people inside a hotel,” said the local mayor, Xu Hong.

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