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4 tips to follow to park your car in the center of Guadalajara

The center of Guadalajara is one of the most attractive places in the city for its architecture, food, history and culture, Residents and tourists visit the heart of the city very often and when doing so, what they are most interested in is having the security of being able to leave their car in a safe place.

Park in the center of Guadalajaraon the street and not in parking lots, It’s a whole issue, mainly for security, however, With the objective of providing order, regulation and security when parking, a parking system was implemented. parking meters on most streets in the area.

This system It gives you the benefit of finding a space more easily as well as providing security, If you want to enjoy a quiet afternoon in the city center without worrying about your car, looking for a space with parking meters is a good option, we also provide you with a few more suggestions.

4 tips for parking your car in the center of Guadalajara

Do not leave valuables in sight

Store your belongings in the trunk or under the seats and Make sure you don’t leave anything conspicuous in sight.

Choose secured parking

Consider leaving your car in establishments that offer surveillance. In general, parking lots usually have security cameras and personnel keeping an eye on parked vehicles.

Research safe areas

Before arriving in the center of Guadalajara, investigate which are the safest areas to park on the street. Knowing the areas with the best reputation for safety will avoid unfortunate situations.

Take out insurance against theft

This option can provide you greater peace of mind in the event of an incident.

As bonus tip, the best choice To visit the city center is to use public transport, the city has a extensive transportation system, iInvestigate which routes best suit you and visit the most cultural place in the city.



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