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World5.2 magnitude earthquake shakes Chiapas: Epicenter was in Pijijiapan

5.2 magnitude earthquake shakes Chiapas: Epicenter was in Pijijiapan

A preliminary magnitude 5.2 earthquake ‘shaken’ the night of this Monday, September 11, in Chiapas. The National Seismological Service detailed that The epicenter of the earthquake was located 86 kilometers southwest of Pijijiapanlocation of the entity.

Through their profile on social networks, Chiapas authorities reported on activation of security protocols to confirm if the earthquake caused damage to buildings or left people injured.

The entity’s Civil Protection said that a monitoring protocol with which they will observe any damage derived from tonight’s earthquake. Meanwhile, the National Coordination of Civil Protection said that no effects reported.

The national agency also ruled out any possibility of a tsunami due to the earthquake reported at 8:40 p.m. “and the absence of important variations in sea level is confirmed”.

Was the earthquake in Chiapas today of ‘mild intensity’?

Although it is possible that in the next few hours the magnitude of the 5.2 earthquake reported in Chiapas will be corrected, it is greater than the tremors that occur daily in the country which in many cases do not exceed 4 degrees.

However, SkyAlert, an earthquake early warning platform, classified it as a mild earthquake, since “magnitudes have no direct relationship with intensity. Example: earthquakes like those in CDMX (Mexico City) have strong intensities even though they are magnitude 1.8; “Earthquakes that are very distant or deep, can have very low intensities even if they are of great magnitude.”

The National Seismological reported that The tremor on Monday night occurred 86 kilometers southwest by Pijijian.

Guatemala considers that the earthquake in Chiapas was of magnitude 5.6

The National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology of Guatemala reported that tonight’s earthquake was of magnitude 5.6 with epicenter on the Pacific Ocean coasts of Mexico.

According to your report, The depth of the event was 21 kilometers and the closest towns with the earthquake were San Marcos, Retalhuleu and Quetzaltengo, located more than 169 kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake.

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