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5 Most Popular International News Today


An Israeli airstrike targeting Damascus International Airport in Syria reportedly killed 11 personnel from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or IRGC.

According to media sources Al-Arabiya, Saturday (30/12/2023), the IRGC members who were targeted in the attack, were responsible for monitoring Iran-backed forces in eastern Syria. At the time of the incident, they were at the airport to welcome a senior delegation.

However, the IRGC denied the report and called it “baseless.”



Apart from this news, the following is international news that attracts readers’ attention detikcomtoday, Saturday (30/12/2023):

– Israel Restricts Access to Al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestinians Pray on the Street

Dozens of Palestinian Muslim men performed Friday prayers in the streets near the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, as Israel maintained a heavy security presence.

Reported by the media Al-ArabiyaSaturday (30/12/2023), according to several worshipers, since the first Friday after the deadly attack on October 7 in Israel, Israeli police have restricted access to the Al-Aqsa Mosque by only allowing elderly men, women and children to enter Al-Aqsa Mosque complex to carry out prayers.

The mosque is located on a hilltop complex sacred to both Jews and Muslims, and conflicting claims about the mosque have escalated into violence before.

– 567 Foreign Citizens Detained in Malaysia, Including Dozens of Indonesian Citizens

The Malaysian Immigration Department detained 567 foreign nationals for various immigration offences. Those detained in an operation at an apartment in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia in the early hours of Saturday (30/12) included dozens of Indonesian citizens (WNI).

Reported by Malaysian media, Named And The StarSaturday (30/12/2023), Kuala Lumpur Immigration Director Syamsul Badrin Mohshin said the three-hour operation which started at 01.15 was carried out after a week of intelligence gathering in response to residents’ complaints about the influx of foreigners into the area.

“In the operation, 1,000 foreigners were screened and 252 Bangladeshis, 163 Nepalis, 75 Myanmar citizens, 72 Indonesians, four Filipinos and one Indian citizen were detained for various immigration violations including not having valid travel documents.” said Syamsul Badrin.

– Responding to Rocket Attacks, Israel Strikes Syria Again

The Israeli military launched another attack on Syria in the early hours of Saturday (30/12) local time after two rockets fired from Syria fell into territory it controls.

“Following reports of sirens sounding in northern Israel, some time ago two launches identified as traveling from Syria fell in an open area,” the Israeli military said, as reported by the news agency AFPSaturday (30/12/2023).

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