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5 PKK supporters who attacked the participants of the Turkish event in Switzerland were detained

SwitzerlandAttacking the participants at the 23 April International Children’s Festival in Basel, terrorist organization PKK 5 of his followers were detained.

In the statement on the website of the Basel Canton Police Service, it was stated that the police intervened in the attack that took place in the city square at 18.00 local time yesterday and detained 5 people who attacked the Turks.

It was stated that the attackers came to the festival area at noon and verbally attacked the participants.

It was noted that the assailants who were taken into custody were between the ages of 24 and 30, and that judicial proceedings were initiated against them.

Call from the police to “share footage of the incident”

In the statement, a call was made for those who witnessed the attack and who have images to contact the phone line of the Basel Prosecutor’s Office Criminal Investigation Unit or the nearest police station in order to catch more suspects.

It has been reported that related images and photographs can also be uploaded from the internet to “upload.stawa-bs.ch/2kZ5”.


The 23 April International Children’s Festival, which is held every year, was held in Basel Square on May 8 with the participation of over 1000 Turks.

After the festival, a group that was learned to be supporters of the PKK attacked the participants, and at least 6 people were injured and taken to the hospital.

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the attack and called for the perpetrators of the action to be brought to justice.

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