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World5G and Artificial Intelligence: protagonists of MWC 24

5G and Artificial Intelligence: protagonists of MWC 24

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona has once again brought together leaders from the telecommunications, technology and digital transformation industries to discuss and anticipate the future of the connected world. This year, the event has highlighted the central role that 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI) play in the next phase of the digital revolution.

Ringing words from policymakers, industry visionaries, technology developers and participating organizations have made it clear that hyperconnectivity and AI will be the drivers of progress in the years to come, with digitalization being the driving force of the global economy. .

5G, the new generation of mobile networks, has been one of the main protagonists of MWC 2024. Its promise of offering greater speed, capacity, latency and energy efficiency has generated great expectation among users and companies, who see in this technology an opportunity to improve your services and experiences.

During the event, various use cases and applications of 5G were presented in sectors such as health, industry, transportation, entertainment and education. It was shown how 5G can facilitate telemedicine, remote surgery, Virtual Reality, the connected car, the management of aerial drones or the transmission of live sporting events.

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Progress has also been announced in the deployment of 5G globally. 5G has been the fastest growing mobile technology, with 1.6 billion connections by the end of 2023. 5G lines will represent 51% of mobile connections in 2029, rising to 56% by the end of the decade, making 5G in the dominant connectivity technology.

During the opening of the event, the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, announced that 5G will cover 75% of the Spanish population by the end of 2024, and that four billion euros will be allocated from the European recovery fund to promote this technology in the country. He stressed the importance of public-private collaboration to ensure that all citizens have equitable access to cutting-edge technology. “5G and AI should not be the exclusive privileges of a few, but rather tools that drive inclusion and sustainable development,” he said.

The main telecommunications companies presented their progress in the implementation of 5G, highlighting its ability to transform entire industries. From healthcare to manufacturing, smart agriculture and mining, 5G promises to revolutionize production processes, generate efficiencies and deliver growth for industries, through unprecedented connection speeds and minimal latency.

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The Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez / Photo: Facebook Pedro Sánchez

Artificial intelligence (AI), the ability of machines to learn and perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, was another of the star topics of MWC 2024. Its potential to transform various areas of life, work and production generated a great interest and debate among attendees, raising both the challenges and opportunities of this technology that gained notoriety after the announcement of ChatGTP.

Leaders in AI have shared their latest developments in machine learning algorithms and neural networks, emphasizing their potential to optimize processes, predict trends and improve user experience in diverse fields, from customer service to autonomous driving.

During the event, numerous examples and solutions based on AI were presented in fields such as facial recognition, natural language processing, network efficiency, content generation, personalization, cybersecurity or ethics. It was possible to see how AI can help improve customer service, fraud detection, music creation, automatic translation, autonomous driving or network intelligence.

International organizations called for greater cooperation between countries and sectors to make the most of these emerging technologies and address global challenges. From mitigating climate change to fighting inequality, technology has the power to catalyze change on a global scale, but without limiting innovation or the development of new business models.

Looking ahead, the consensus among experts is clear: digital will become increasingly integral to our daily lives. From home to work to industry, connectivity, the Internet and digital platforms will be critical to driving innovation, efficiency and economic growth.

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A promising future is envisioned where all industries become technology and data-enabled companies and to make the most of the opportunities offered by the digital era. From agriculture to education, automation and connectivity will fundamentally transform the way we interact and produce.

MWC 2024 is once again a reference event for the telecommunications and technology sector, showing the innovations to come. Both 5G and AI complement and enhance each other. Today they are the engines of the digital transformation of society.

They also pose important challenges, such as the modernization of infrastructure, intrusive regulation, data sharing and protection, digital inclusion and the preservation of ethical values ​​and human rights, on which we must continue working, a once we know the potential of technology.

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