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WorldÀ Berlin, Macron plaid for the creation of a "European political community"

À Berlin, Macron plaid for the creation of a “European political community”

AA / Nice / Feïza Ben Mohamed

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, recently resigned at a press conference in Berlin, voluntarily calling for the creation of a “European political community”.

A proposal that would formulate a few times more than the European Parliament in Strasbourg on the occasion of the European Journal.

“Out of the western Balkans, we are aware of the need to address the European political space”, he said, considering that the creation of this “European political community” would mean “better peace, stability and cooperation over the questions les geopoliticals »from l’Europe.

The head of the State must “find a political form which can reach Europe, states which share (their) values” and “better political coordination, (…) forms of solidarity, (…) co-operatives in terms of energy, (…) and circulation of persons ».

This new instance permits you accordingly, to create a form of communion with the states which do not complement the entrained conditions in Europe.

Emmanuel Macron cites examples of Ukraine and Bosnia-Herzegovina as examples and mentions in the United Kingdom, which Brexit’s “pouring everything out of its place” into this new political commune.

“We have decided to stay together since June in the western Balkans, which are just ahead of our European summit. We also have clarifying auroras, for the western Balkans, the European agenda which is where their »at-one by others can be found.

Noting that Emmanuel Macron made his official move to his second term with a stage premiere in Strasbourg, he finally met with Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the G7.

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