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A BMW driver is killed while filling up with gasoline in San Nicolás, Nuevo León

MONTERREY, NL (apro).- A lawyer was murdered by a gunshot to the head while filling up with gasoline at a service station in the municipality of San Nicolás, ministerial authorities reported.

Apparently, before the attack, the victim with an undisclosed name, who was traveling in a BMW car, tried to escape, so he tore the hose connected to the car from the gasoline pump, although he was hit and remained inside the car.

The incident occurred on Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. at the gas station located on Avenida Rómulo de la Garza, in the Fidel Velázquez neighborhood of the neighboring municipality north of Monterrey.

Apparently the murderer was already waiting for him, so when the man proceeded to pour gasoline he was shot in the head, with a shot that went through the glass of the vehicle.

The gunman ran away and was not located.

Although the name of the deceased was not given, it emerged that he was a litigant.

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