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‘A bottle of water will be given to the children in the morning and they will be told to spend the day with this’ |

Gaza City: Waseem Mustafa of Gaza has four children. All four have not been to school in over two weeks. Instead of learning math and geography, children now learn how to share the water they get.

‘Every morning I give a bottle of water to my children. They will be told to eat it for a day. In the beginning it was very difficult for them. But now the situation has become a habit’ – says Waseem Mustafa.

Waseem Mustafa moved to his aunt’s house in Khan Yunis with his wife and children, aged eight to 15, after the Israeli army gave him an ultimatum to leave Gaza. When Israel threatened to mercilessly evict 1.1 million people from northern Gaza, Khan Yunis’ relatives opened the door for them.


Mustafa, the officer in charge of drinking water and sanitation of the voluntary organization Oxfam, points out that Gaza is facing a severe humanitarian crisis. “People are seen sleeping in streets, shops, mosques, roads and cars,” he said. Around 100 people, including Mustafa’s family, spend their days in an apartment with an area of ​​only 200 square meters.

Personal hygiene products have disappeared from shops in Gaza. Drinking water treatment plants stopped working without fuel. Small people are selling drinking water after purifying it with the help of solar energy machines. However, the price has doubled.

The UN and Oxfam warn that a lack of drinking water and sanitation facilities could lead to the spread of infectious diseases, including cholera. After Israel denied electricity and fuel, 65 sewage pumping stations and five sewage treatment plants in Gaza had to be closed. Garbage is now flowing directly into the sea. All the solid waste piles up on the streets.

No seawater desalination plants operate in Gaza. Many are forced to drink untreated seawater to survive.

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The United Nations estimates that Gaza currently has only three liters of water per person per day for all purposes. This water is needed for drinking, bathing, cooking and toilet use. According to the World Health Organization, an average person needs between 50 and 100 liters of water per day. But in Gaza, only three liters are available.

A member of Islamic Relief, a voluntary organization in Khan Yunis, says: ‘There are 20 children and seven adults living in my parents’ house. The biggest problem is lack of water. To save water, the toilet is flushed only once in the morning and at night. Cooking with less water. Angashuddhi will be performed only once a day for prayer. There is a well in the neighbor’s field. But there is no electricity or fuel to pump the motor,” she said.

The condition of those who eat on the streets is very pathetic. Navaja without shelter, water, food and even a shade The leftovers are being eaten outside. Dehydration and water-borne diseases are common in them. The condition is that it can be caught.

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