Tuesday, 26 September 2023
WorldA British journalist uses the phrase that best defines everything that happened...

A British journalist uses the phrase that best defines everything that happened with Rubiales and triumphs on Twitter

There is no doubt that the case of the non-consensual kiss of Luis Rubiales to the soccer player Jenni Hermoso in the World Cup final in Australia and New Zealand has become the topic of the moment, not only in Spain, but also abroad.

Since the controversial scene until now, a multitude of things have happened: statements, Rubiales’ appearance at the Federation, new videos recorded from the stands, the confinement of the mother in a church in Motril on a hunger strike…

In fact, the last hour is that Rubiales’ mother, Ángeles Béjar, has been urgently hospitalized after more than two days locked up in the church for a “nervous breakdown that has worsened.”

It was the parish priest, Father Antonio, who told the media the news: “He was very bad, anguish, dizziness… he said he noticed something strange, a palpitation.”

British journalist Jeremy Cliffe has spoken out on Twitter precisely about the confinement of Rubiales’s mother, with a tweet that makes it clear that he knows Spanish culture perfectly.

“This is pure Almodóvar,” said the reporter from media outlets such as The Economist and The New Statesman. A tweet with a reach of more than 200,000 people and more than 1,200 ‘likes’.

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