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A doctor explains why private healthcare is expensive and gives this very famous hospital as an example

The anesthetist known on social networks as @medicilio has published a video on her TikTok account giving her opinion on the management of private healthcare after the criticism she has received on Twitter for saying that it is more expensive than public healthcare.

First of all, he mentioned the Madrid native Jiménez Díaz Foundation University Hospital to criticize, following an article by The countrythat “It is paid for with public money.”

That hospital costs the same as a private one with twice as many beds and on top of that it has half the staff hired.. They have charged up to six times more per treatment,” explained the doctor.

The data is from 2018 because, as the health company has pointed out, “the Community of Madrid has not provided” the current ones, so “who knows today.” He has also said, based on the journalist’s research, that “they are among those who invest the least per patient.”

With the information in hand, the professional spoke about the matter like this: “If a hospital that is billing the same as one twice as large charges six times more per procedure, but pays much less per patient and also hires half as many staff… Who the hell is keeping that money? The intermediary company“.

To your question, he argued that a company of this type “will always try to make a profit.” The point is that “The Community of Madrid has stopped investing in the publicforcing many patients to go to places like the Jiménez Díaz Foundation”.

Finally, he added that what happens is that this hospital “takes outpatients for less expensive tests and consultations and does not have beds because It does not have so many serious patients, who are the expensive ones, the ones that are not profitable.“.

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