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‘A dream that does not die’: Migrants arrive at the northern border of Mexico despite adversity

The expansion of the border wall between Mexico and the United Statesthe dangers of becoming victims of forced labor or worse, being beaten or killed during their journey, plus the low chances of obtaining political asylumhave not managed to break the spirit of hundreds of migrants arriving in Tijuana day to day.

In recent weeks, a group of mobile people from Central America, South America, some parts of Europe and even Africa, has decided to camp on the double wall between Tijuana and San Diegowhere they wait to be attended to by authorities from the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Little by little, migrants are entering the United Statess, where the lack of money to hire a lawyer or a family member to vouch for them can mean rejection of asylum, however, Trying, not losing hope for a better future, is what encourages them to continue, to wait on the side of the wall.

Despite being outdoors day and night, in many cases they do not have knowledge of the asylum process through the internet application. CBP One or the lack of evidence to prove that they left their place of origin due to danger of death, political persecution or other reasons, families see in the American Union the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

Low temperatures in Chihuahua do not stop migrants

Despite the operations of the National Migration Institute (INM)the flow of people towards the border wall continues, where more than a thousand migrants have gathered waiting to cross into the United States.

Government authorities of Chihuahua revealed that more than 3 thousand migrants have crossed the territory in the last hours heading to the northern border.

The freezing temperatures in recent days have had a deep impact among undocumented families, who travel accompanied by their minor children.

The operations of Immigration officers are registered in the railway yards, to inhibit people in mobility from boarding the train cars. But they also carry out tours near the border wall so that migrants do not manage to cross the Rio Grande and surrender to North American authorities.

However, the migrants manage to evade surveillance and cross through the cold waters of the Rio Grande and line up at the door with indicator number 36.

Agents from the US Customs and Border Protection Office register the migrants but in the last few hours they have returned them to Mexican territory to the surprise of the foreigners.

Last Wednesday, December 27 The migrant caravan left the Jiménez region heading to Ciudad Juárezreported Mayor Marcos Chávez Torres.

After receiving them in shelters, they were provided with medical and food care and then continued their journey to the American Union.

The migrants are mainly from Venezuela, Guatemala, Haiti, Colombia and Ecuador.

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