Wednesday, 17 April 2024
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A girl explains the app she has started using to ‘meet new people’: and no, it’s not dating

TikTok user @laia.fontanals has published a video telling Your experience using the Timeleft app for the first timeone that organizes dinners, based on the characteristics of each user, with five unknown people.

“It’s 1:50 in the morning and I just got home. Dinner went great (…) It has been very fun and I had a great time. The app makes you answer questions to organize a dinner with a group similar to you”he began explaining.

Before continuing, he has announced that “It’s not a dating app, but to meet people.” In his case, there were three boys and three girls, and he described the meeting as “very fun.”

After dinner, they went to “a cocktail bar” to continue getting to know each other. Besides, “the app has a game if you want to break the ice”, although they have not needed it. In fact, one of the girls also had a board game.

“It is 100% recommended. If you want to meet new people, live other experiences, discover restaurants in Barcelona or have a chat with someone from outside, sign up. because I had a super, super, super good time,” the young woman concluded.

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