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WorldA historical site in Madrid with remains of Neanderthal hunting

A historical site in Madrid with remains of Neanderthal hunting

A curious name and tens of thousands of years of history. The Des-Cubierta cave is one of the most important archaeological and paleontological sites in our country and it hides a universe of vestiges of more than 77,000 years old.

The numerous studies and archaeological investigations carried out in this gallery, which has about 90 meters long and about five deep, have shown that the Valle de la Higuera in Pinilla del Valle, mountain range of Madrid, was a Neanderthal camp in which ‘our’ ancestors lived almost 800 centuries ago, As the report by The Spanish.

Today it is a reference to understand and shed light on how the man lived, ate, behaved and related to each other. Homo neanderthalensis. But not only them, since millennia later, this place was repopulated and with it, much evidence was forgotten.

In this historic settlement, They lived together and carried out all kinds of activities of subsistence for these individuals, since it was the place where they filleted, ate and even roasted large animals in order to survive, something that is linked to “the monumental Pinilla del Valle”, located a few meters from the valley and which demonstrates the dimension and the historical impact that Neanderthals had on the place.

The remains that most impacted researchers

A few years ago it was discovered up to 37 skulls of different animalssomething that greatly surprised the researchers, so in the first place they thought it would be a midden, something that was ruled out after investigating a little more and verifying that the remains of These animals had not been deposited at the same timein addition to the discovery of Paleolithic tools.

All this indicated that these remains contained some kind of cultural value, either to display them, for symbolic or ritual purposes, etc.., something that was new for the researchers since to date there was no evidence that the Homo neanderthalensis had sufficient capacity to attribute value or ideas to objects.

All this makes this unique and special placefor the history it keeps within its walls, with which you can get to know the most intimate aspects of these individuals regarding their possible beliefs or ways of behaving, although at the moment it is impossible to decipher their way of thinking or what their motivations were. , this being perhaps the most complicated and unknown part of Valle de la Higuera, a whole historical and archaeological symbol that very few have.

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