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WorldA nutritionist finds the method to reduce sugar consumption in children

A nutritionist finds the method to reduce sugar consumption in children

Spanish children take too much sugar. This is established by a study by the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology (INYTA) of the University of Granada, which indicates that each child consumes 55.7 grams of added sugars per day, that is, more than double what is recommended by the Organization. World Health Organization (WHO) which is 25 grams a day.

That is why, especially with the beginning of the course, parents set themselves the goal of reducing their consumption. To try it, the pediatric nutritionist Mapi Herrero has given some keys in an interview in The voice of Galicia.

“To reduce sugar consumption, we can use the strategy of offering more fruit and at the same time changing breakfast,” she explains, wondering how to also meet the goals of increasing fruit and vegetables and improving breakfast.

In the same way, Herrero is asked in the aforementioned newspaper about snacks and breakfasts, the two meals in which they consume the most added sugars and in which they can fall into unhealthy ultra-processed foods. “The easiest thing is always to resort to fruit, which is local and seasonal, of any kind, and can be presented alone or combined with others. Although, be careful with the amount that sometimes we go too far with expectations,” he replies she.

He also explains that a good way to replace the classic sugary cereals is with a slice of bread with extra virgin olive oil, but he also allows “leftovers from the previous dinner, as long as it’s healthy.”

“I think we should put aside the famous dairy breakfast, with cereal and fruit, because in the end, it ended up being a glass of milk with sugary cereals or cookies and juice. This is anything but healthy,” Explain.

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