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A saleswoman suffers the consequences of leaving several cans of Coca-Cola in the freezer: ‘My goodness!’

The extreme temperatures that we have suffered in these days of August in our country have led many Spaniards to sharpen their ingenuity to try to cool off and not give up in the heat. Beach, pool, air conditioning, terrace with the sea breeze… Anywhere was good to take refuge from the stifling weather.

The main summer months -June, July and August- concentrate almost 30% of the annual consumption of drinks, another of the usual methods of coping with the heat. Cola soft drinks are among the most demanded in any bar or store. And the cooler they are, the better for the customer.

However, you have to be very careful since it is not a product that can be stored at very low temperatures. It is no secret that liquids expand when placed in the freezer, so it is not convenient to introduce drinks in glass, plastic or even cans into it.

Rociíto Armero, a candy vendor from San Juan de Aznalfarache (Seville) has suffered it herself. The woman left some cans of Coca-Cola in the freezer along with dozens of ice creams so that her clients could enjoy them very cold. However, she forgot to take them out in time and the cans ended up exploding.

“My goodness, the one I have here formed! Now I am pissed off,” says Rociíto in a video posted on TikTok that is already about to exceed 900,000 views. “We are people, you put them here, she forgets, you lose your grip and look… What impotence!” She laments to his followers while showing the consequences of forgetting him. All ice creams are ‘stained’ by Coca-Cola.

At the end, the seller puts the ice cream in a basin with water to remove the ice formed after the explosion of the cans and to be able to save part of the products stored in the freezer.

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