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WorldA Series of Bomb Explosions Rocks Southern Thailand, 2 People Killed-4 Wounded

A Series of Bomb Explosions Rocks Southern Thailand, 2 People Killed-4 Wounded


A series of bomb attacks in Thailand’s insurgency-hit southern region have killed two people and injured four.

Reported by the news agency AFPTuesday (29/8/2023), a senior local official told AFP, that the series of bomb explosions occurred in the Yarang district of Pattani province on Monday (28/8) evening, when security forces were patrolling the area.

Level conflict has been going on for two decades in Thailand’s southernmost provinces. Militants in these Muslim-majority areas carry out frequent attacks as they fight for greater autonomy from the country.

“Two people are confirmed dead and four others injured in the explosion,” the governor of Pattani, Pateemoh Sadeeyamu told AFP.

Local media reported that the first bomb blast targeted a police car and was followed by several others which hit utility poles in the area.

The governor of Pattani said an investigation into the attack was underway.

Footage on social media showed the area near the explosion site ablaze, and several gunshots could be heard.

More than 7,000 people have been killed in the uprising since 2004 and 13,500 people have been injured, according to Deep South Watch, a local think tank.

The south is culturally different from Buddhist-majority Thailand, which ruled the region bordering Malaysia more than a century ago.

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