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WorldA single center of information agencies of the Turkic republics is being...

A single center of information agencies of the Turkic republics is being created

Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Anadolu Agency (AA) Serdar Karagöz delivered an assessment of the 4th Meeting of Ministers and Senior Officials of the Organization of Turkish States (TDT) responsible for media and information, organized by the Communications Department of the Office of the President of Turkey.

Pointing to the importance of creating a new union between Turkish news agencies, Karagöz said: “One of the most important tasks of the Anadolu agency is to create a single center for news agencies of the Turkic republics. In the near future, we will turn this into an institutional union with a center in Istanbul. Thus, we will ensure the exchange content of the Turkic world – news, photos and videos A common database will be created AA will prepare programs to increase the capacity of news agencies in the Turkic world AA is also one of the founders of the European Association of News Agencies Anadolu Agency will take a leading role in the implementation of the Union of Turkish news agencies,” the director general said.

– Fighting disinformation in the media

Emphasizing that AA is taking the necessary steps against disinformation, Karagöz continued his thoughts with the following words: “The widespread use of the media and its rapid availability to end users also mobilize sources of disinformation. There are not only ordinary media, there are structures or individuals that can manipulate and spread misinformation on social media at any time We see respected and trustworthy organizations such as the Anadolu agency making efforts to prevent them In our reality this is one of the most important issues in the world We are the source of the news, our agency finds the news , produces them and delivers them to both its subscribers and readers and viewers.News on the agenda that we did not produce, we need to check in our reliable news laboratories whether these news are true.To this end, we created a confirmation line.This line allows you to analyze the source of news, compare them with official our statements. As a result, there is news “confirmed by the Anadolu agency” or “news that the agency does not confirm or deny.”

Karagöz noted that it is impossible to prevent disinformation and manipulation in the news, but it must be combated.

Agency questions all kinds of news without sources posted on social media

– Discrimination and digital fascism

“Discrimination is very common in the language of the media. Discrimination is also present in politics. We want to draw attention to discrimination in the media. We will have a functioning center for Islamophobia, which is very common, especially in Europe and North America. Anti-Semitism is also a serious problem of discrimination Here we will fight against all kinds of discrimination on religious, racial and cultural grounds.This division of the agency will fight against discrimination not only in Turkey, but all over the world.

Karagöz stated that in many cases social networks are used for selfish purposes or are misused. It is important to use social media effectively, efficiently and in a way that contributes to informing the society in which we live. It may be necessary to conduct educational research in this direction. I believe that training programs are very important in order to prevent lynching factors. To this end, the Anadolu Agency News Academy is preparing a training program for both its subscribers and social media users.”

. only a part of the news in a short form, . . (HAS) of AA.

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