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A Spaniard points out the article that sells out in minutes at Lidl in Germany: in Spain it would be controversial

TikTok user @mario.fernandez.vega, a Spaniard who lives in Germany, explained the phenomenon that is occurring in Lidl supermarkets (and partly also in Aldi) in that country in recent days.

As can be seen in numerous videos on social networks, and as explained by the German media, hundreds and hundreds of people They have packed the premises to get their hands on firecrackers and fireworks, that have been put on sale for the end of the year celebrations.

For example, the newspaper Bild It shows an image of many customers trying to buy that product and another, next to it, of empty shelves. And it stands out that only seven minutes have passed between the two.

According to one person, dozens of users were already waiting at the doors of many Lidls at seven in the morning and “most of them looked to be in their 20s and 30s.”

The user @mario.fernandez.vega explains that “Starting on December 28, the sale of fireworks for New Year’s Eve begins.” “People line up before seven in the morning, when the supermarkets open, and when they open they go out and buy everything they can,” he points out.

Among the reactions, another person who lives in Germany says: “This morning I saw a couple each with a car full, €400 or so????????♀️????????♀️and me with a €11.95 package????????is crazy.”

And the author of the video responds: “Anyone who sees it on New Year’s Eve and doesn’t know it, thinks that the flyers are thrown by the city councils, “Their shooting is exaggerated.”

Another points out: “I went today at 7 in the morning and bought the remains ????????????????”. This fury among many Germans over firecrackers contrasts with what is happening in Spain, where there are more and more voices asking people not to set them off due to the stress and danger they pose for pets, especially dogs. .

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