Thursday, 21 September 2023
WorldA Spanish woman who lives in Bali reveals what is almost never...

A Spanish woman who lives in Bali reveals what is almost never told about there

TikTik user @carladomenechp, a Spanish woman who lives in Bali, has published a video in which she reveals some aspects of that place that are not usually told and with which she tries to demystify a little the idealized image that is often had of it. over there.

“When you see Bali on social media you think it’s idyllic: jungle, animals, beaches… but they don’t tell you all the traffic there is. It’s very heavy. To travel, for example, eight kilometers by car or motorcycle, you can spend one minute.” hour or two perfectly. And to that I also add that you can’t walk”, he begins recounting.

“Since there is so much traffic, it is like there are no sidewalks because the motorcycles pass on the sidewalk, it is not that there is much sidewalk. The little space you have to walk is used by the motorcycles to pass by. If you want to walk, the only option “You have to either go to the gym and do machines or go, for example, to the north and walk through the rice fields, but with the heat it’s not very viable either,” he continues.

According to the user, she doesn’t like another aspect of life there either because she is afraid of “bugs”: “The showers are often done outdoors and every time I go into the bathroom I find spiders, mosquitoes, lizards… .”.

“I also don’t really like the amount of plastic they use for everything. You can, for example, go to the market to buy fruit in bulk and they give you one bag after another to carry the fruit and it’s like… it’s not necessary,” he adds.

He also complains about the “hygiene of the food”: “Sometimes you can go to the best restaurant, but if you order a salad or vegetable they wash it with tap water which is not drinkable and that kills my stomach, so I have stomach aches four or five times a week minimum”.

“I don’t understand that in their daily lives they are slow, calm, calm, but on the road they are crazy, they are in a hurry all the time, there are a lot of accidents,” he adds before finishing: “The number of people who smoke, the Tobacco is super cheap and everyone smokes, even 11 or 12 year olds.”

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