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A station for Clarín

The spokesperson of Socialist Municipal Group in the Oviedo/Uviéu City Council, Carlos Fernandez Llanezaannounced this Saturday that it will ask Adif to rename the Renfe station in Oviedo Leopoldo Alas, ‘Clarín’so that the writer’s name “remains inextricably linked to the city that he novelized so well” in ‘La Regenta’.

Llaneza has presented a request to the next plenary commission of Culture and Sports of the City Council with proposals to incorporate into the commemorative program of the 140th anniversary of the first edition of ‘La Regenta’.

“After some hesitation on the part of the government team, finally, this year we are preparing to honor the memory and work of Clarín, taking advantage of the 140th anniversary of the first edition of ‘La Regenta’, the most relevant novel of the 19th century,” the opposition leader has stated.

Among other initiatives, Fernández Llaneza raises the need for “the writer’s mark in the city to be visible, through the signage of the main places related to his life: Uría 34, where he lived and wrote ‘La Regenta’ in 1884; Campomanes, street where he lived and wrote ‘His only son’ (1890), or Fuente del Prado where he died, on June 13, 1901.”

The socialist leader emphasizes that it would be necessary to recover the monument to the writer in Campo San Francisco, which is missing the relief, the work of Manuel Laviada, ‘The truth devoid of all hypocrisy’, as well as recover the ornamental water cycle of the sculptural ensemble.

Fernández Llaneza also proposes organizing an exhibition with the funds donated by Clarín’s family and kept in the Pérez de Ayala library, among which is the manuscript of ‘La Regenta’, different editions of the novel, his archive and personal objects.

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