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WorldÁbalos embraces the Mixed Group to break with Sánchez

Ábalos embraces the Mixed Group to break with Sánchez

“I face everything: I come alone in my car, I don’t have a secretary, I don’t have anyone behind me or next to me. “I face all the political power, from one side and the other, and I have to do it alone.” With this phrase, the already deputy of the Mixed Group José Luis Ábalos has put a semicolon after his expulsion from the Socialist Parliamentary Group. purest Frank Underwood style in House of Cards, has stood up to what has been his party in one of the most incendiary appearances that have been made since the Congress of Deputies.

There are Ábalos for a while. Already this past Friday, those who know him well in the PSOE of Valencia doubted his departure from politics, without being able to see that one of the most influential people in the Mediterranean federation was going to end up a few days later provisionally suspended from militancy.

A crisis that Ábalos wants to be the end of his political career. “I cannot end my political career and my career as a corrupt person.” when I am innocent (…) I am not accused of anything, nor am I part of the ongoing investigation (…) If I resigned it would be interpreted as a sign of guiltd, it would only cause my stigmatization, not just political, but personal“, he indicated, trying not to break the image of an ‘all-round man’, enormously ambitious and with remarkable abilities to perform in front of the cameras.

Not all of the PSOE is with Sánchez, as the sources indicated. Apart from his team, which professes great loyalty to him, there are deputies who do not understand the party’s actions when others, who do not appear in any ongoing investigation, have had the protection of the party and They have weathered fierce criticism from the opposition and the media.

“Understand that politics is about loyalty. He has very loyal people and professes a lot of loyalty to his people. He is always there, even if his influence is greater or worse. His people take good care of him and he takes good care of his own. Maybe I’m wrong, but nothing will happen. We will see it at the PSPV congress now with Diana Morant where he will demand his quota, even if it decreases from 45% to 10%, with people like the mayor of Almussafes, Toni González”, explain the aforementioned sources, without forgetting Álvaro Soler, his candidate as baron and called to occupy a relevant position. under the direction of the Minister of Science in the Valencian federation.

The objective? Cleaning his “honorability” with a dart to the general secretary of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, whom he praised. The Mixed deputy wants to “attend the end of this game.” “Forcing that those who now intend to throw me out on the street through the back door have to look me and many colleagues in the party in the face, who encourage me to move forward“, he added not only in reference to Sánchez but also to his hard core such as Santos Cerdán or María Jesús Montero. “I would have liked to have the benefit of camaraderie,” summarized the deputy, regretting ending up outside the PSOE: “I would never have imagined myself outside of these acronyms, to which I have dedicated my life from a very young age.

Paradoxes of politics, he will now share ranks with old acquaintances in the Mixed Group. Next to him will be the general secretary of Podemos, Ione Belarra, who found accommodation in the group that welcomes deputies who cannot form their own group. Together they negotiated in December 2019 the first democratic coalition government between the PSOE and Unidas Podemos. He will also share a seat with the BNG deputy Néstor Rego, who hesitantly assured this Tuesday that they are “complete” in the Mixed Party. No wonder, the Mixed Group has Podemos among its ranks with 4 seats and BNG, UPN and the Canary Coalition with one. Now, they will have to accommodate the deputy, who is already listed as a member of the Group.

Parliamentary arithmetic also changes. In a legislature where every vote counts, after the expulsion of Ábalos from the PSOE, the sums between the Government partners, ERC, EH Bildu, PNV, Podemos and BNG add up to 170. PP, Vox and UPN, 171. Only the votes of Junts, with seven seats, Ábalos, and the Canarian Coalition tip the balance. “I am a mere pawn who is inserted in a political struggle without rules”Ábalos indicated without clarifying whether he will vote like the PSOE despite the purge or, in matters in which he has been most at odds with the party, he will break voting discipline.

The PSOE seamstress who supported Sánchez

“What’s more, – he added – I firmly believe that, after having contributed to the formation of a progressive Government after the 2018 motion of censure, after having served the transformation and having served our country as Minister of Spain and having helped as organizational secretary of the PSOE to unite the militancy in a very complex political time after the 2017 primaries, I would have liked to have the benefit of camaraderie.”

In what was his farewell to the PSOE, Ábalos wanted to vindicate his role in Sánchez’s return to the General Secretariat of the party and regretted not having been able to share with the socialist leadership “a reflection for the benefit” of his initials and “the restitution of public debate along the path of calm and reflection”.

According to him, since the arrest of his collaborator in the Ministry of Public Works last week, he has heard all “the voices around him”that of his political adversaries, that of those who “despise” him because they “despise” his “own humanity” and have had him “condemned” because “they put questions of power before those of Justice” and also that of those who “still “they love him.

He has chosen to listen to the latter, who asked him not to give up and has decided to maintain his status as a deputy, although in the Mixed Group. Afterwards he emphasized that he only owes it to them, to those who “actually” “appreciate” him.

An appearance in which he reflected on the current political moment, explaining that, in his opinion, an “artificial environment” has been created to condemn him and that is why he cannot give up. “I cannot please those who practice this style and these hidden strategies. I have to defend myself at all levels, for myself and to prevent these strategies that the right builds in politics and in the media from gaining strength and establishing themselves in society and overwhelm certain self-conscious positions on the left,” it has been justified.

In this sense, he has indicated that he requires the “public tribune” that Congress gives him to defend not only his honorability but also those who “see and do not approve these rules established by the struggle for power.” “To those who tell me, whatever you do, we will be with you. I, at this point, only owe myself to them, I only owe myself to these people,” he concluded.

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