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TechAccount with the Most IG Followers in the World in 2023

Account with the Most IG Followers in the World in 2023


Instagram has become a social media with very high user enthusiasm. The first Instagram launched on October 6, 2010 and focuses on the concept of sharing moments through photos on Instagram Feeds that was introduced in the early days of Instagram.

However, Instagram has gone through various revolutions until now which has made it a social media that is not just a platform for sharing moments on Instagram Feeds.

Currently, Instagram has various features for sharing moments. Starting from Instagram Feeds which has remained the same since Instagram was first released, Instagram Story where we can share 30 second moments for 24 hours, Instagram Reels where we can share videos with a duration of 2.5 minutes and most recently there is Instagram Notes where we can share 60 characters. for 24 hours.

As of January 2023, Instagram has 1.32 billion users and Indonesia is the country with the 4th most users, namely 89.5 million users.

Account with the Most IG Followers

With Instagram’s popularity being such, of course many public figures are also active on Instagram as a place to share moments about their life and work. Starting from football players, musicians, artists to public officials, they definitely use Instagram as their main social media.

However, who are the Instagram users who have the most followers in the world? Starting from accounts with 654 million to 311 million followers, the following detikINET summarizes the ten accounts with the most IG followers in the world in 2023:

Instagram @Instagram (654 million)

In the first position we can find the official Instagram account as the account with the most followers on Instagram. His followers alone reach 654 million. This account regularly shares various interesting posts related to social, culture, art and life.

Cristiano Ronaldo @Cristiano (602 million)

As a footballer who started his career at Manchester United with the nickname CR7, Ronaldo has proven to have high popularity. This is proven by Ronaldo’s crowning as the person with the most Instagram followers. Now Ronaldo is actively playing for the Al-Nasr team.

Lionel Messi @Leomessi (485 million)

Like Ronaldo, the position of the account with the third Instagram followers and the person with the second most Instagram followers is still held by a football player. Messi is Ronaldo’s rival when Messi was still active at the Barcelona club and Ronaldo at Real Madrid. Messi often shares his activities in football with his family. Now Messi is active at Inter Miami, a club in the American League.

Selena Gomez @selenagomez (428 million)

As a singer, actress and businesswoman from the United States, Selena certainly has very high popularity, not only in America but throughout the world. Selena often shares various interesting things about her life on Instagram.

Kylie Jenner @kyliejenner (398 million)

As a model and businesswoman known from the series ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, Kylie Jenner now has 398 million followers more than Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian who are Kylie Jenner’s sisters.

Dwayne Johnson @Therock (389 million)

Who doesn’t know The Rock? Now he has 389 million followers. The actor, who is also a retired wrestler of Samoan-American descent, often shares his life and how to stay fit.

Ariana Grande @Arianagrande (378 million)

Ariana Grande is known as a singer who is also a songwriter. With her voice that can reach 4 octaves, of course Ariana Grande’s popularity cannot be doubted. Now he has 378 million followers on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian @Kimkardashian (364 million)

As the wife of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian is a model who often shares various poses on her Instagram. Now he is included in the ranks of Forbes billionaires 2022. In total he has 364 million followers on Instagram.

Beyonce @Beyonce (316 million)

Beyonce is known for her career as a reliable musician. The 41-year-old woman often shares various model poses on her Instagram. Now he has 316 million Instagram followers.

Khloe Kardashian (311 million)

As the sister of Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian’s popularity is no less high. Now, it is recorded that he has 311 million followers on his Instagram.

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