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Adán Augusto, from “brother of the president” to a companion of uncertainty

MEXICO CITY (Process).– The flattery of his “brother the president” Andrés Manuel López Obrador was useless, nor was the expense of dozens of billboards scattered throughout Mexico.

After having been a mere echo of his countryman the president, Adán Augusto López Hernández faces an uncertain scenario from the place where Morena’s presidential run-up ends, without being able to return to the Ministry of the Interior.

With the appointment of Luisa María Alcalde as her replacement, the political future of the also licensed governor of Tabasco is not clear, since it depends on the electoral results in 2024 or the shelter she may have at the end of the internal process of Morena.

To counteract the low levels of awareness of him among the population, during the 70 days of Morena’s internal contention, he deployed an intense campaign on billboards throughout the country and tried to influence through media campaigns that included surveys that placed him as a favorite.

Sounding board of the presidential contests and disqualifications, on a single issue he separated from the National Palace, and decided to embark on a confrontation with Grupo Televisa, taking up the old grievances of López Obrador with the television station.

The disqualifications were the speech every day to highlight that he was excluded on the television station and that he was not even named in his conduct of the National Palace conferences. He compared this scenario to what they did to the federal president during his time as a candidate.

“We face today, as Andrés Manuel faced for almost 30 years. Do you remember that they didn’t even advertise it or present it on the Televisa newscasts? And today we tell Televisa: they are not going to be able to defeat us because when the people organize themselves, Televisa does not beat us. Let them stay with their television, with their misinformation,” he shouted in Guadalajara, Jalisco, a speech that was repeated in the rest of the public squares that he visited without having any greater effect.

Adán Augusto López added nearly 200 assemblies; It began in the states where there are opposition governments: Jalisco, Aguascalientes, Guanajuato and Querétaro, and from all public squares he stated that the person who boasted about him on several occasions as his brother was López Obrador himself and assured: “I just let myself be loved.” ”.

Chavez. Scandals. Photo: Octavio Gómez

He was the one who added the most “informative assemblies” in 69 days and who assured not to take a single peso of the five million pesos that Morena would give them for their expenses. He affirmed that all the resources came from his bag and the public display consisted of notes on a piece of paper, to “demonstrate” that, for example, they ate what they were invited to or that the bill was less than 100 pesos per person.

In the first week, for example, “without having the legal obligation, but the moral obligation,” the presidential candidate reported that between transfers, lodging, food, and “minor” situations, he spent a total of 395,683 pesos.

He reported to Morena: in transportation, fuel and payment for the vehicle 83 thousand 234 pesos; for lodging, 13,279; for food, four thousand 185 pesos; “For minor expenses, which includes – I don’t use it, but here I bring it – the gel against the bug, we have spent 1,750 pesos.”

According to the Latinus portal, the man from Tabasco spent 15 million pesos on plane trips, caps and t-shirts; carries, chairs and pavilions for the events and his companions, such as the Morenoist representative for Chihuahua Andrea Chávez, who was involved in scandals for traveling on military planes with her family.

Like no other applicant, the man from Tabasco was the most repetitive in his speech about pension benefits for the elderly, whom he called the support base for President López Obrador.

“Starting in January of next year, the universal pension increases 25%, it will be six thousand pesos. Let them learn! ”He declared before the towns he visited.

He asked people questions about whether they wanted the pensions to continue; and he referred to former President Vicente Fox as “a big chachalaca,” to show that he is asking for social programs to be eliminated.

As an echo of President López Obrador, the attacks were also launched against electoral authorities, going through the now presidential candidate of the Broad Front for Mexico, Xóchitl Gálvez.

He considered the resolution of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary (TEPJF) that accused President López Obrador of exercising gender-based political violence against Gálvez to be excessive.

“They took into account something that is not what the President of the Republic had said at the conference, it is one more example of the rot that exists,” he said on a tour in Mexico City. “The magistrates ruled, of course there is manipulation and there are dark interests behind it.”

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Fox. White of Adam Augustus. Photo: Montserrat López

An extension of López Obrador in his battles, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation was another target of Adán Augusto, and one of the strongest criticisms was made on June 23 in Querétaro, first in an interview with the media.

He spoke of the ministers of the “dinosauric Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation” for invalidating the second part of the so-called Plan B of the electoral reform, which “neither were, nor will they be up to the greatness of the people of Mexico.

“The ministers of the Court have been exposed, since they act as instructed by economic and political interests (…) Behind these rulings of the Court hides the resolution of other matters, which do obey the economic interests of the greats.” national offices,” said the governor also licensed from Tabasco. He insisted that in 2024 there will be a “in-depth” reform of the Judiciary.

mirror strategy

More than his own campaign, the former Secretary of the Interior took up the issues on the presidential agenda in his events to address them among the population that accompanied him. One that he highlighted was that of Chiapas, a state where a book burning occurred after the campaign undertaken to affirm that through the educational materials of the Ministry of Public Education they wanted to inject the virus of communism; The speech was repeated in other states.

“They have already started another attack again. You have already heard it, now the usual conservatives are inventing to deceive people. Those who have never loved the people of Mexico are saying that all textbooks must be confiscated and burned because they say that they only teach communism to children.

“Here I tell you with all frankness: it is a vile lie, a hoax of those who in the history of this country have opposed the fact that people, that their girls, their boys, are trained, study to be Mexicans of good” , he stressed.

From the rejection of the 4T materials, the exceptionality of the change in the discourse and the time dedicated to the subject of books was presented, which occupied almost all the space in places in the Mexican southeast, such as the assembly of 22 August in Paraíso, Tabasco.

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Burning of SEP books. Fuel for speech. Photo: Darkroom

Another hallmark was the contempt of the precautionary measures of the Complaints Commission of the National Electoral Institute (INE), which determined that “all the acts referred to as tours or “informative assemblies” that have been scheduled or are going to be scheduled do not contain proselytizing elements ”, they must also be carried out “preferably” in places belonging to the political party itself, such as its state or municipal offices.

On July 26, the Morena presidential candidate showed an “attempt” to comply with the measures, and in 97 assemblies in public squares throughout almost the entire country, he announced that he would begin his acts at Morena facilities.

The propaganda displays were most evident with the billboards, with which he was received in each state he visited and where he was shown as “the closest to AMLO.” However, he sought to distance himself from the same advertisements. Still in the last month of informative assemblies, he even addressed the issue with the national leader of Morena, Mario Delgado.

f768x400 181534 225437 15
spectacular. Vain demarcation. Photo: Montserrat Lopez

Less than a week after completing the tours, he reported that the cost of his tours, in the final stretch, was close to two million 400 thousand pesos and until the last of his acts he calculated reaching two million 800 thousand pesos, although he reiterated that he would not receive the money from the party and it was above what he initially calculated.

He assured that he would win “with the three ‘S’: sole, sweat and saliva.” But that saliva would become facts.

“I am going to win the survey, but I do tell you that the six of us, compañeras and compañeros who are participating, signed a document that was a proposal from the National Council of Morena, and among the things that we committed to is respecting the results of the process, and I hope that all of them respect the result.

–What if there are those who do not respect it? The reporters asked him in reference to former Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.

“Well, he will continue on his way,” he said in the State of Mexico on August 26, the day before his campaign closed at the Monument to the Revolution in Mexico City.

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