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WorldAdele: The singer interrupts a concert to defend a fan (VIDEO)

Adele: The singer interrupts a concert to defend a fan (VIDEO)

british singer, Adele has taken it upon herself to show her fans and to the world that not only is she a talented woman, but she has also made it clear the great person he is and the love he has for his audience.

This was demonstrated in the show he gave in Las Vegas by preventing security personnel from removing a young man from his concert.

everything happened in the Colosseum at Caesars Palacein Las Vegas, and was recorded by the boy, who was the victim of poor treatment by security personnel, The video with the precise moment went viral due to the singer’s applauded attitude.

The young man was identified as Juan Pablo Lastra and you could see how he was made uncomfortable at various times during the show.

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He is first seen standing in “I Drink Wine” before a woman asks him to sit down, telling him: “Look behind you! Everyone’s mad at you.”

Then, Adele sang “Water Under the Bridge” and told the crowd “You Can Stand Up” hence He jumped and screamed with excitement, but a security guard told him to “stay calm.”it was then that the artist stopped everything and addressed the men in charge of taking care of the attendees to question them about their behavior towards the young man, in addition to expressing her desire that they let him enjoy the show.

“What’s wrong with that young fan over there who gets picked on so much since he was on his feet? What happens? Yes you, he raises his hand, the one with a stick in his hand“Adele reproached, visibly angry.

Not everything was left there, well Adele proceeded to defend the boy and he asked the security to leave him alone:

“Why are you bothering him? Can you please leave him alone? They won’t bother you again, honey…enjoy the show.”

In this way, he also addressed the fan who was watching his show Weekends with Adele in Las Vegas.

In her TikTok video, the protagonist of the moment said: “Adele, thank you so much for this amazing night and for standing up for me so I could experience your concert as it should be.

In addition to this, I regret not having responded to [nada] What did you ask me. “You started talking to me and I literally stopped breathing (…) I still can’t understand the fact that I was in the same room as Adele, I sang every song with her and she even stopped the show to defend me.”

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Finally, The young man said that he prepared for the concert for more than a year and never imagined that the attendees around him would get so upset:

“They’ll be mad at me for having the best time of my life.” and wanting to get up and sing with her, but honestly I didn’t care at all what they said to me. I was simply amazed by the masterpiece I was seeing with my own eyes. I didn’t have time for those who hated.” Juan Pablo Lastra’s video has 1.9 million views.



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