Tuesday, 26 September 2023
TechAfter Ernie Bot, China Launches AI Chatbot Again

After Ernie Bot, China Launches AI Chatbot Again


Chinese technology company, Baidu launched its Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot product. They have passed the strict permit process in the Bamboo Curtain country.

There are two products that will later be launched, namely Baichuan Intelligent Technology and Zhipu AI reported by detikINET from Reuters, Tuesday (5/9/2023).

The two products launched by Baidu will work like GPT Chat with an AI Chatbot system. Where, AI Chatbot itself is an artificial intelligence system that focuses on Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities.

Later, Baichuan Intelligent Tech and Zhipu AI will have features that can be used to answer everything, create letter formats and much more.

China is Strict About AI Products

In contrast to several Western companies that develop AI Chatbot systems freely. In China, every AI Chatbot product must undergo a cybersecurity test and can only be released to the public when it gets permission.

As of today, there have been 11 technology companies that have received permits from the government. Starting from companies that focus on social media development such as Bytedance through TikTok to Sense Time Group which is an AI Software Provider.

Baichuan Intelligent Technology and Zhipu AI have received their permission to release their technology since August 5, 2023.

Following Earnie Chatbot

Previously, China had responded to the development of AI Chatbots which were dominated by Western companies with the release of Earnie Chatbot on March 16 2023. Baidu CEO, Robin Li also stated that their Chatbots had different capabilities.

Capabilities such as creating images from text, composing poetry and producing recordings in Chinese are the main things that Earnie Chatbot has to offer. Earnie Chatbot will also be fully opened to the public.

*This article was written by Argya D Maheswara, participant of the Merdeka Campus Certified Internship Program at detikcom.

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