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AK Party delegation in the USA: The US Congress is very positive about the F-16

AK Party Deputy Chairman and Head of Foreign Relations Efkan Ala, evaluating the contacts they made in the US Congress, said, “They are very positive about the sale of the F-16 to Turkey. How strengthening Turkey’s defense industry will also support NATO, regional We shared with them how quickly it can support global peace and global peace, and we have always seen a positive attitude from them.” said.

Under the chairmanship of Efkan Ala, the delegation made contacts at the Congress in Washington, AK Party Group Chairman İsmet Yılmaz, Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Akif Çağatay Kılıç, Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee Deputy Chairman Ahmet Berat Çonkar, AK Party Diyarbakır Deputy Mehdi Eker and AK Party Istanbul Deputy Volkan Bozkır. took.

Evaluating their contacts in the US Congress to the members of the press serving in Washington, the AK Party delegation stated that the atmosphere regarding Turkish-American relations was very positive, especially after its constructive role in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Ala, who headed the delegation, stated that they had extensive and productive meetings with 24 Congress members, some of whom were senators, and that they had a very productive exchange of ideas on many topics that would benefit both countries, and that Turkey’s positive and constructive steps on Ukraine were being seen at the Congress.

Ala added that Ankara’s line on the Straits was also respected and appreciated by the members of Congress.

Explaining that in addition to the sale of F-16s to Turkey, political, economic and defense issues between the two countries were handled in a positive atmosphere, Ala emphasized that they see a constructive atmosphere for solving the problems in bilateral relations.

“The vital importance of Turkey’s initiative has emerged”

Stating that they evaluated the F-16 issue as one of the main agendas in their meetings, Ala said, “They are very positive about this. We shared with them how strengthening Turkey’s defense industry would also support NATO, how quickly it could support regional and global peace, and we always saw a positive attitude from them.” used the phrase.

Pointing out that the world is becoming more and more aware of the increasing importance of Turkey, Ala said, “We see the effects of the prudent and problem-solving initiative in Turkey in the region and in the world, not only we but also our interlocutors see and appreciate it.”

Asked whether they encountered a negative view on the sale of F-16s to Turkey, Ala said, “No, it was clearly understood: At a time when the external negative impact in the Ukraine-Russia war, that is, in regional conflicts, covered the whole Europe, Turkey took the initiative. The vital importance of affordability has emerged.” made its assessment. Ala also emphasized that he believes that possible problems that may be encountered in this process can be overcome through the use of political and diplomatic capacities in the two countries.

“Turkey’s weight has increased”

Pointing out that Turkey’s initiative to emphasize international law in the straits was met with respect, Ala said, “Both our strong initiative to support regional and global peace in international relations, and our desire and determination to realize this on the ground of international law have increased Turkey’s weight.” he said.

“When you enter an equation in the Turkish region, the result changes.” Using the expression, Ala drew attention to the fact that there is no possibility of reaching a conclusion in an equation in which Turkey is no longer involved.

Pointing out that Turkey’s stance on Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership is very clear and understandable, Ala said that these countries should very clearly review their relations with PKK terrorist elements and put an end to them.

Stating that these countries demand to join NATO in order to eliminate their security concerns, Ala said, “But Turkey also has a terrorism problem for years, and it is clear to everyone that this terrorism problem is not sufficiently understood by these countries, as Turkey wishes, and is not given sufficient importance. There is, and there is evidence of that.” used the phrases.

Efkan Ala said that the process is still very new and it should be looked at how the next process management will proceed.

Reminding that a Swedish minister had recently attended a PKK event, Ala said, “We expect that they will take our security concerns as seriously as we take the security concerns of these countries, and we will take them seriously.” made its assessment.

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