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IndiaAksai Chin: China's tunnels in India's Aksai Chin! | leader

Aksai Chin: China’s tunnels in India’s Aksai Chin! | leader

New Delhi; News Agency: China has started the work of tunnels in Aksai China, a territory of India seized by China in the war of 1962, and this matter has come to light through satellite photographs. 60 km from Depsang. China is tunneling through a hill in the distance. (Aksai Chin)

India’s claim to this area remains. Ladakh has experienced conflict situations in the past. After that, India also made preparations in response to the firing on the Chinese border. Efforts to break this readiness have now started from China. China expects to use these tunnels as temporary bunkers for soldiers and weapons. (Aksai Chin)

China is building 11 such bunkers on both sides of the river. In the last few months, construction has picked up speed at this place. China’s intention is to keep its weapons and soldiers safe from possible Indian air strikes.

4 new bunkers in satellite images

Satellite images captured by Maxar Technology on August 18 show that China has built four new bunkers in the area. There are tunnels cut through the hills everywhere. Heavy machinery is also seen in many places. The road has been widened in the middle. Earthen mounds have been placed around the bunker to protect against direct attacks. The entry and exit points of the bunker are fenced with barbed wire.

China has made this preparation in response to the preparedness of the Indian Air Force assuming the possibility of war at any moment. After the violent Sino-Indian stand-off, the Indian Army has also increased counter-insurgency preparedness along the China border with artillery upgrades. Strategic experts have observed that Aksai is hiding in China so that China can hide in such a situation.

Mind game of ‘Dragon’!

  • In the 19th Army Commander-level meeting in Ladakh, China had indicated its readiness to withdraw its forces from the buffer zone.
  • Even when Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in South Africa, Xi Jinping had indicated his readiness to withdraw troops from Ladakh.
  • Xi Jinping is visiting India for the upcoming G-20 summit in India. Earlier, China has deliberately provoked India by showing India’s Aksai China and Arunachal Pradesh in its map.

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