Thursday, 21 September 2023
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Alcaraz says that he is only going to say one thing about Rubiales but he understands absolutely everything

The tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, who is playing the United States Open, has spoken at a press conference about the non-consensual kiss that Luis Rubiales gave Jenni Hermoso in the final of the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Since then, Rubiales has not spoken to the media, not even to assess the fact that his mother has locked herself in a church in Motril to pray and ask that the “hunt” against her son stop.

A case that has acquired international magnitude, especially after FIFA suspended the Spanish leader from his position, who appeared last Friday at the federation headquarters.

The Murcian athlete said that the Rubiales issue has reached the United States: “Obviously it is something that has given rise to much talk, I think that in Spain much more. We are here and we do not know everything that has been formed in Spain but what has come this far because it already tells the magnitude that it is.

“My opinion is that, I am going to be honest, these are attitudes that for a high position should not be shown. It is my only opinion that I am going to give in this regard and we hope that it is resolved soon since the women’s team has made a historic achievement and That so much credit has not been given for what has happened is a shame and that is my only reflection”, the tennis player said briefly but emphatically.

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