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WorldAlgeria: capital increase for Gaexd Salah's special secret

Algeria: capital increase for Gaexd Salah’s special secret

AA / Alger / Aksil Ouali

The Blida military appeal, 50 km to the west of Algiers, uttered by several lads against the special secrecy of the chief of the decadent army, Gaïd Salah, Guermit Bounouira, as the General and Commander of the Algerian Gendarmerie, Ghali Belkecir, fired at the foreigner.

The course of this course, based on details reported by the Franciscan quotation El Watan, confirmed the verdict pronounced in January by a military tribunal in the same town, against Guermit Bounouira condensed into the capital footprint. Refugee in Turkey at the end of December, at the end of December 2019, from the Algerian Armed Forces, this adjutant-chief was extradited in 2020 and a plot to visit the military prison of Blida.

It is intended for several chief investigators, for “confidential disclosure of information concerning the interests of the weapon and of the State”, “collection and transmission of information by parties or payers” and “violation of the obligation to reserve in the office of the security guard et the security and the interests of the State ».

The latter, depending on the source, is also used for many other purposes, for the purpose of broadcasting video that diffuses on all social networks which are intended to be targeted, if any, at any time. it is passed to the weapon ».

For this affeire end, it is free and an official has been arrived and placed under the depot mandate.

At the military checkpoint, confirmation of the perpetual condensation at the gendarmerie command center, General Ghali Belkecir, who’s gaining access to the Vanuatu nationality, has been described as “pacifist” of criminals on white blanks ».

The statement was made by a British diplomat and one of the leaders of the “Rachad” organization, classified by the Algerian authorities as a “terrorist entity”, Mohamed Larbi Zitout. This is the last contact with Guermit Bounouira whose aura is transferred to the dossiers in his possession.

Citing sources close to the defense, the journal concludes that Gaïd Salah’s ex-secretary’s waiting for a number of documents classified confidently on movements within the range of the weapon and the internal operation of the cell, for use as an exchange rate against a protected status ».

“As soon as he arrives in Turkey, his aura is appropriated by Larbi Zitout, who, by the way of this deer, comes to life in one of the four quarters of Istanbul,” the newspaper wrote.

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