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WorldAmanda's Amazing Life on a Deserted Island... |

Amanda’s Amazing Life on a Deserted Island… |

Vancouver: When Amanda wakes up in the morning and looks out of the temporary cabin, there are many guests who appear in front of her. Bears, hyenas, wolves, and deer grazing in herds… and whales leaping out of the water as soon as the gaze reaches the sea. For two years on this island in British Columbia, Canada, Amanda’s life has been full of these sights. But beyond that look, there is no other human being. Because Amanda is the only person living on this island.

Amanda crossed the seas and reached this land with her job as the island’s lookout. Living in a cabin built about 25 years ago. A small kitchen, a dining area, two small bedrooms… Amanda says life here is beautiful even though there is no one to talk to. With them on the island is ‘Peaches’, who has been raised as a beloved companion in a quiet life.

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This young lady will proudly say that she is a nomad. I had enough of living in Vancouver when I started to feel tired of living in the city. Then he bought his own 28 feet boat. How did he live ten years adrift in that sailboat? A return to the land when the pet dog ‘Buttercup’ who was with him at that time faced difficulties due to old age.

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Again the desire to regain the searchlights of life. So an ad for a job you like on Facebook. That’s how you get an offer to explore an entire island.

During the year, however, guests arrive here. It is the bosses of the island. They will stay here for a month and return. The island has provided more spacious facilities for them to stay. Apart from seeing them, Amanda’s only interaction with humans is when she leaves the island. A speedboat on the island will be used to go to a distant town to buy groceries and see a doctor.

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During the snowy winters, heat is sought from the wood stove. Amanda’s job is chopping wood and cutting grass with the help of machines. Also looking for freelance web designer job for extra income as satellite internet connection is available. The decision was to keep in touch with friends in Vancouver through YouTube and TikTok accounts. Mobile phone has range in some parts of the island but is not used. After doing his work on the island for three hours in the morning, web designing followed.

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No trees are cut from the island. Amanda testifies that there will be plenty of downed and blown trees. Feel a little scared during strong winds. Amanda says another scary thing about the island is the overabundance of bears. Solar energy is the main source of energy. Up to four generators are sometimes run. Drinking water is not a problem as there is a well. Vegetables are grown in the greenhouse.

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According to Amanda, she will be here for many more years. ‘I am enjoying life here so much. Life on the island taught me that you don’t need anything more to be happy. I love this solitude. It is full of so much peace and tranquility. I want to go around here in my boat and see everything. Because it’s such a beautiful area,’ says Amanda.

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Amanda’s life on the island has been captured by a YouTube channel. The documentary, which is more than 13 minutes long, has been seen by two and a half lakh people within a few days.

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