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Ambassadors of the EU and its Member States commemorate Europe Day in the Colombian Amazon

A group made up of the ambassador of the European Union, Gilles Bertrand, and the ambassadors of 13 Member States in Colombia commemorated Europe Day in the department of Amazonas in order to endorse their commitment to the protection and conservation of the Amazon, a one of the largest reserves of biodiversity on the planet.

“May 9 is an important date for Europe because it marks the beginning of the process of peaceful integration of our continent, and it is even more so this year when a sister European country, Ukraine, is facing brutal aggression from Russia. We are honored to commemorate this date in the Amazon, with a four-day visit focused on our work with national and local authorities, indigenous communities, and the academic, scientific, and business sectors,” Bertrand said in a press release.

For Bertrand, it is essential for the future of the planet to “fight against deforestation, protect biodiversity and promote opportunities for sustainable development that improve the well-being of local communities and their coexistence with the Amazon.”

“Preserving the Amazonian ecosystems is the only way to guarantee food security and the essential environmental functions for the well-being of the populations that inhabit them. The European Union recognizes and highlights the leading role of indigenous communities in the conservation of the Amazon. That is why we support programs and projects not only in Colombia but also in the other countries of the Amazon basin. The objective is to achieve harmony between the protection of natural heritage and sustainable production”, added the ambassador.

Team Europe’s visit to the Amazon, from May 7 to 10, began in Puerto Nariño with a tour of the municipality and a cultural act with murgas, dances and traditional poetry by Amazonian groups.

The diplomatic delegation visited the Amacayacu National Park to learn about the results of the budget support from the European Union to the Ministry of the Environment, which implements the Sustainable Local Development (DLS) program in the National Natural Parks.

Later, the group held a meeting in Puerto Esperanza with the Curacas (authorities) of the 22 communities of the Ticoya Reservation.

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The trip of the European ambassadors will end on Tuesday with a discussion on “The European Year of Youth and its voice in environmental leadership” and the launch of the “Youth for Climate” group, made up of 30 representatives from all regions of the country. , as a way to encourage the participation of the new generation in political advocacy processes for climate action.

Every May 9, Europe Day is commemorated to remember the Declaration of Robert Schuman, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, who called in 1950 for the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), which gave rise to what which is now known as the European Union.

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