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WorldAMLO rejects INE's concern about possible blackout in June 2 election

AMLO rejects INE’s concern about possible blackout in June 2 election

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He heads his ‘morning’ conference this Tuesday, May 14, from the National Palace, accompanied by members of his cabinet.

Which states will AMLO visit to evaluate the country’s health system?

At the end of his conference, the president stated that he will visit this Tuesday Puebla and Tlaxcala and on Wednesday, May 15, it will go Toluca to review the federalization of the health system.

“I am dedicating all my time to that, to reviewing the status of the health centers and hospitals to see if they have doctors, specialists, and equipment,” he clarified.

While on Thursday he will visit Chiapas and on Friday he will travel to Tapachula to meet with the president of Guatemala, Bernardo Arévalo.

AMLO assures that there is an ‘even floor’ for the presidential election

When speaking about impartiality in the June 2 electoral process, the president assured that there are “even floor” for the candidates for the presidency of the Republic.

“We are not equal, we fight for democracy, we face fraud, we cannot do the same, it is a matter of principled convictions,” he mentioned.

In this sense, he highlighted that all the recommendations of the electoral Tribunal “and even more” about editing the ‘mornings’ that violate the electoral law.

“We do not call anyone to vote in favor of a party, nor do I mention the people (…) There is no way that I do not say what happens,” he reiterated.

AMLO rejects Taddei’s concern about a possible blackout; “we are not the same”

The head of the Executive rejected that during the elections on June 2 there would be a blackout in the country, this after the INE advisor, Guadalupe Taddei expressed his concern for election day, “that does heat up, if we are not equal.”

López Obrador ruled out that a blackout could occur and highlighted that so far There have been four days without blackouts throughout the country despite the high temperatures.

“We have gone four days without blackouts despite the fact that yesterday (Monday) consumption increased again, we are waiting. It doesn’t have to fail, the electoral raccoons did that, we remind you that the previous three days (May 10, 11 and 12) The electrical system worked without any interruption“, he pointed.

The president maintained that he asked for the help of the CFE to anticipate any situation on election day, “they will have everything they need”, express.

AMLO rebukes attack by normalistas against the National Palace

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador This Tuesday, he reproached the attack by the Ayotzinapa normalistas who threw firecrackers against the facade of the National Palace, after having held a rally in the capital’s Zócalo.

They are acts of provocation“A group of students and teachers came to throw bombs here at the Palace and left, also with the desire to provoke to see if we repress and then they have elements to accuse us of being repressors, all this on the eve of the elections,” he commented.

“The government has already identified them, they came in three trucks, they dropped the bombs and left. The instruction we have is not to fall into any provocation,” said the president.

On Monday, May 13, a group of young people from the Ayotzinapa rural normal school detonated six firecrackers in front of the Central Gate of the National Palace in demand to establish a meeting with authorities from the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, in order to demand financial support that they have not received.


López Obrador thanked the police for their work, after at least 26 of them were injured.

What did Rodríguez Bucio say about the case of René ‘N’, former Finance Director of Segalmex?

Regarding the judicial process against René Gavira, former director of Administration and Finance of Mexican Food Safety (Segalmex), the Undersecretary of Security highlighted that it was linked to process for fraud when he served as head of the Administration and Finance Unit of SEGALMEZ, DICONSA and LICONSA.

According to investigations carried out by the FGR, Luis Rodríguez Bucio indicated that The defendant today, in his capacity as legal representative of Diconsa SA de CV, in one of the criminal cases he faces, would have authorized the budget sufficiency to enter into an agreement with a company for the purchase of sugar, an input that was never received by Diconsa.

René 'G' is likely responsible for improper use of public resources

“With this, Rene “N” allowed the diversion of public resources for the amount of 142 million 440 thousand 883 pesos to the detriment of the parastatal,” the information card reads.

From the National Palace, the undersecretary recalled that Rene Gavira It was delivered to the FGR facilities on December 7, 2023.

How was ‘El Kekas’, involved in the murder of tourists in BC, arrested?

The Undersecretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Luis Rodríguez Bucio In his security report he highlighted the arrest of “El Kekas” for the murder of three foreign surfers.

According to the first reports, Jesús Gerardo “N” was detained by the Baja California FGEafter completing an arrest warrant for the crime of disappearance committed by private individuals to the detriment of two Australian brothers Jake “N” and Callum “N” as well as the American Jack “N” who had been reported missing in Cove on April 24 of this year and found dead six days later.

After the search protocols for missing persons were activated on May 3, 2024, the lifeless bodies of the three foreigners were located inside a well, located south of Ensenada. The main motive for this homicide was the theft of the truck in which the deceased were traveling.

Jesús Gerardo “N” was already linked to criminal process for these facts.

The parents of the Australian brothers, Jake Robinson and Callum Robinson, as well as the parents of the American, Jack Carter, arrived on May 4 to identify the bodies of their children.


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