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WorldAMLO's daughter-in-law explodes over criticism of her daughter's party in Sinaloa: "I...

AMLO’s daughter-in-law explodes over criticism of her daughter’s party in Sinaloa: “I will not tolerate defamation”

MEXICO CITY (appro).- After the images of the ostentatious party of her daughter Natalia were revealed, Carolyn Adams, daughter-in-law of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, attributed the celebration to the father of the minor and said that she will not tolerate “defamations ” and “offenses”.

“I don’t have to do it but I come to clarify the rumors that are circulating about the expense of my daughter Natalia’s party. Once again I want to emphasize that we do not use public money, as they try to make us believe,” he wrote in a publication on his Instagram account.

Over the weekend, the dissemination of images of the celebration of the 17th birthday of the daughter of Carolyn Adams, wife of José Ramón López Beltrán – son of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador – sparked controversy on the internet.

“I do not accept that they attack my family with lies, much less my daughter, who only longed for a happy moment that we provided her. We are outraged by how this event has been distorted and has become the object of offense or criticism,” he said.

Adams supported her husband and dismissed the criticism against him: “What is said about José Ramón is equally unfounded and my respects go to him for being a great father, stepfather and husband. We thank everyone who supports us, and we hope that this clarification puts an end to unfair speculation.”

Finally, he finished by saying that every time they mention them, “the subject of the house I rented in Houston resurfaces. I want to remind you that there is an investigation and a very serious report carried out by a renowned American law firm on the matter. If you do not trust that report, hire your own law firm, but stop repeating this slanderous story.

The president’s daughter-in-law assured that an attempt has been made to turn her daughter’s dream into a “political game.”

The celebration featured a circus show in which Los Nuevos Rebeldes also performed in the Casona Centenario hall, one of the most luxurious in the Tres Ríos Urban Development of Culiacán.

The gold dress worn by Adams’ daughter was signed by designer Will Medina, who has dressed the daughters of celebrities, such as Emily Álvarez, daughter of boxer Saúl “El Canelo” Álvarez.

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