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Ammar Zoni is grateful that the divorce did not make Irish Bella stay away from her family


Ammar Zoni is still mourning the loss of his father, Suhendri Zoni, who died on Saturday (20/1/2024). Now, he is said to be praying for his late father more often while in West Jakarta Police custody.

“Still sad, still grieving, he gives more prayers to his father. At night he reads Yasin, prays tahajjud, and fasts too,” said Ammar’s lawyer, Jon Mathias, when met at Studio FYP, Trans7, Tuesday (22/1/2024).

Jon Mathias also revealed that Ammar Zoni already knew that Irish Bella had mourned and delivered his father-in-law’s body. Ammar Zoni also thanked his wife for being able to differentiate between personal and family matters.



“Irish can, because he has emigrated, be able to differentiate between his personal affairs with Ammar and his relationship with Ammar’s family,” said Jon Mathias.

“Maybe he understands that this relationship will not end with Ammar,” he continued.

Even though they are facing divorce, Ammar Zoni and Irish Bella still maintain a good relationship, especially for the sake of their children.

“Even though the divorce was bitter, the relationship did not end because Ammar had children,” said Jon Mathias.

Until now, Ammar Zoni still maintains his household with Irish Bella. He is also planning an appeal if he is later divorced.

“Yes, he is trying to get to the decision, we will report it again. After the decision, whether he will appeal or not, whether he accepts it, we will report it later,” concluded Jon Mathias.

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