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EntertainmentAmmar Zoni's call to prayer and family sobs accompany his father's funeral

Ammar Zoni’s call to prayer and family sobs accompany his father’s funeral


Ammar Zoni’s father, Suhendri Zoni Alruvi, was buried this afternoon at Kalimulya I TPU, Depok, West Java, Sunday (21/1/2024).

According to detikcom monitoring, the body of Suhendri Zoni Alruvi arrived at Kalimulya I TPU at 13.25 WIB. The body arrived by ambulance from the funeral home which is not far from the cemetery.

The body was washed and offered prayers before being taken to TPU Kalimulya I. The body was accompanied by relatives when it was taken by ambulance.



Before the body was put in the grave, the family representative sang the call to prayer, which turned out to be Ammar Zoni over the telephone.

All the mourners present were stunned to hear the call to prayer from Ammar Zoni who was unable to attend his father’s funeral directly.

Ammar Zoni’s father’s funeral. Photo: Ahsan Nurrijal/detikHOT

Aditya Zoni and two other people went down to the grave to remove his father’s body. As the body was lowered, relatives who attended the funeral could be heard crying.

Irish Bella, who also attended the funeral, was seen crying when she saw her in-laws slowly being covered in dirt. On the same occasion, Aditya Zoni, with his empty gaze, continued to watch his beloved father’s body until it was completely buried.

Afterwards, Aditya Zoni, Irish Bella, and the mourners present at the funeral scattered flowers on Suhendri Zoni Alruvi’s grave.

For your information, Suhendri Zoni Alruvi died on Saturday (20/1/2024) at around 20.00 WIB.

Ammar Zoni and Aditya Zoni’s father breathed his last breath at the age of 58 years.

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