Tuesday, 26 September 2023
WorldAn Andalusian, shocked (and rightly so) with what he has found in...

An Andalusian, shocked (and rightly so) with what he has found in a supermarket in Andorra

Andorra is a country that has become fashionable in recent times thanks to some youtuberswho in some cases change their residence to the neighboring country to avoid paying some taxes.

Before, when it was less fashionable, Spaniards traveled to Andorra to buy things like alcohol or tobacco because it was much cheaper than in Spain. Now, Andalusian tiktokers @veteporahi.viajes have shared some curious things about the supermarkets there.

“First time in Andorra for an Andalusian,” reads the title of the video, which begins with Juan’s surprise, who says that one of the shelves “looks like the hallway of Leroy Merlin’s paintings.”

The funny thing is that it’s not painting, it’s tobacco cans: “It’s incredible.” She’s also found a 7-pound tub of Kit Kat cream “in case you want to make a whole wall of Kit Kat.”

In the comments, many point out that Andorra “is amazing” because of things like the ones they have taught. “Uyyy, now nothing to do with before, before there was a lot more variety than now and it was a lot cheaper,” says a user.

Another points out: “the only thing worth buying is chocolate, tobacco and alcohol; the rest is not worth buying anything equal or more expensive than in Spain.”

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