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Anggun is most targeted to be a judge for international talent search events


New news from Anggun. The singer, formerly known as Anggun C Sasmi, is now being targeted by several producers to become a judge for an international talent search event.

Previously, Anggun received the spotlight when she became a judge on Asia’s Got Talent in 2019. Her presence made 20 countries broadcast the event.

Now the singer of Dreams was recently asked by the number 1 channel in Belgium, RTL-TVI, to be a judge on a talent search show called StarMaker. Coincidentally, this event is currently very popular in England.

At the same time, Anggun was also announced as a judge for another talent search event. This time it was broadcast on TF1 in France called Dream Team.

Anggun Cipta Sasmi’s aura really captivates many people. He himself did not expect to be called the most sought after Asian artist in the world to be a judge at an international talent search event.

“I am very happy to be working in a new country. Belgium is a country I love and this new program, which is adapted from a format that is very popular in the UK, will be very interesting,” he said in an official statement.

Anggun does not want to be arrogant about being an Indonesian who is so highlighted by the world. In fact, he is proud to say that he has opened the way for other young generations in the country to the international stage.

“As you know, I am very careful and I don’t like to emphasize the fact that I am the first Indonesian artist to do this or that in the world. What is important is to pave the way so that in the next few years, this will become commonplace ,” he said.

“When I became the first Indonesian artist to perform at a world famous festival in 1999, during the Lilith Fair Tour in the United States, I hoped that a new generation would follow in my footsteps. And look now, the talented Niki is touring the United States with great success. which is amazing! That’s what I’m proud of, opening doors. But being pretentious, that’s the complete opposite of my character,” he continued.

Anggun also talked about Indonesia. He made a promise to his fans.

“I know that my international work commitments take up a lot of my time. Especially now that I am an actress and there are more and more requests, such as the TV series produced by AMC Studios recently. But I promise I will do my best to return to Indonesia more often ,” he said.

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