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WorldAntony Blinken: US helps independent (international) media in financial distress

Antony Blinken: US helps independent (international) media in financial distress

Blinken, World Press Freedom DayHe made statements at the Washington Foreign Press Center in .

In his speech, mainly Russia and ChinaBlinken, who was uploaded to .

Blinken stated that they took three important steps regarding the press in the international arena and continued as follows:

“First, we are taking urgent steps to help protect journalists in conflict zones. Ukraine, for example, we provide journalists with first aid kits, satellite phones, we set up a press center to help local and national Ukrainian media outlets continue their activities, as well as those who struggle with the invisible wounds of reporting from war zones. “We offer emergency assistance and psychosocial support to journalists. This work goes hand in hand with the Journalism Protection Platform, which we announced at the Democracy Summit, which will provide training to journalists on digital and physical safety, psychosocial care and other forms of support.”

Stating that their second critical step is to increase the international recognition of journalists targeted for their work on every platform, Blinken explained the third step taken by the USA as follows:

“The United States helps financially endangered independent media, providing direct financial aid to the average media outlets. We also work with companies in the private sector to help them become more financially sustainable. At the same time, reporters and news organizations that have been wrongfully targeted by lawsuits for their critical reporting are financially viable. We provide support.”

Concern for China

Blinken stated that they are concerned about China’s use of technology for activities such as stalking, harassment, intimidation and censorship of journalists.

Explaining that Taiwan is literally at the forefront of China’s hybrid war, which includes activities such as disinformation, cyber-attack, targeting and distorting democratic processes, Blinken said, “Therefore, trying to build social resistance against disinformation and other forms of foreign intervention is an independent We have partnered with Taiwan on NGOs to support fact-based journalism.”

Blinken pointed out that Russia also targets freedom of the press and peaceful political activities.

“We call on Russia to end the abuse and repressive laws targeting non-violent organizations and the Russian people, who, like people everywhere, have the right to speak freely. They also have the right to peaceful assembly for common purposes, freedom of expression, and the right to have their voices heard in open and fair elections.” made its assessment.

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