Thursday, 28 September 2023
TechApple reduces French prices for its new iPhones

Apple reduces French prices for its new iPhones

Apple will lower the price of its latest iPhones, as the firm unveiled its new range of phones and smart watches.

While the price of the latest iPhones has increased in the United States, French users will receive some discount; The iPhone 15 Pro starts at €1,239, a drop of almost €100 compared to last year’s iPhone. The Pro Max starts at €1,489, the same price as last year’s cheapest model, but with storage capacity doubled to 256GB. The iPhone 15 will be offered at €979, compared to €1,019 the previous year, and the iPhone 15 Plus will see its price drop to €1,129, instead of €1,169.

“Convincing users to buy these new devices will not be easy during a cost of living crisis,” said analyst Paolo Pascatore of PP Foresight. “Some will see the new features as marginal, but together they improve the overall experience, which is invaluable to loyal Apple users.”

Apple has officially introduced its new iPhone 15 lineup, promising better call quality and improved photos, while finally adopting the standard USB charging port. Many of the changes to the iPhone 15 had been leaked ahead of the event, including the introduction of a customizable action button that replaces the phone’s mute button. By default, there remains a mute button, but users can replace it with another function, for example, starting a voice memo with one click. However, this feature will only be available on the more expensive iPhone 15 Pro models.

This year, the iPhone 15 will feature the A16 chip, while the Pro will be upgraded to A17, Apple’s cutting-edge 3nm silicon, the most powerful and efficient to date. As expected, the iPhone 15 adopted the USB C connection for charging and data transfer, ahead of the EU’s 2024 deadline to standardize charging. However, the Pro and Pro Max models will offer faster data transfer speeds, supporting USB 3 with an optional additional cable.

The iPhone 15 Pro will swap stainless steel for a more durable titanium design, allowing the company to shrink the phone’s bezels and make it lighter without losing screen real estate. The high-end smartphone is also more repairable, with a new structural frame that makes it easy to replace the rear glass.

The iPhone 15 also offers camera improvements, with the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus upgrading to a 48-megapixel main camera, improving the phone’s ability to take photos in bright sunlight. However, the Pro models get an improved main camera, and the Pro Max introduces what the company calls a “tetra prism design” lens that increases its optical zoom to 5x. This technology is similar to that used for the powerful zoom of Samsung’s Galaxy S23 and other models that use a periscope lens to pack better zoom capabilities into a small smartphone body.

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