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Arafah Rianti is sad to talk about love, her sister Halda’s warnings are not ignored


Comic Arafah Rianti went viral because of her hilarious behavior. However, his love story was not as smooth as his career.

He joked about feeling sorry for himself when talking about romance. Talking about romance expressed by Arafah Rianti made her heart feel torn apart.

“Don’t talk about romance. If you talk about romance my heart is torn apart, Bro… I’m sorry,” said Arafah Rianti when met at FYP Trans 7 Studio, Tuesday (22/1/2024).



Arafah Rianti admitted that no boy had approached yet. Even though she is often in the spotlight, she is close to several men from different professions, from machinists to artists.

The older brother of comic Halda admits that he is not grandiose about the criteria for a partner.

“There’s no one looking for Bang yet. The only criteria are Bang, whoever is responsible, never mind, I’m the one who is certain,” he said.

He was grateful that his parents did not demand a mate. Arafah said his parents followed what their children decided.

“There are no demands from parents. Because my parents are free, as long as their children are happy, they can do it,” said Arafah Rianti.

However, Arafah Rianti joked that he would not be stepped in by Halda. Arafah said that he had prepared a request for a step that was guaranteed not to be realized by his younger brother who intended to step in to get married.

“No, sir. I will ask for a mountain so he doesn’t get married first. I will ask for a thousand and one islands so he can’t marry him,” he said.

“Not if the guy marries me first, then Halda will marry someone else. The thing is, when I was 8 years apart, it would be annoying,” he continued, laughing.

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