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TechAre you Team Samsung S23 Ultra or Z Fold5?

Are you Team Samsung S23 Ultra or Z Fold5?


Samsung S23 Ultra 5G And Galaxy Z Fold5 both are in the flagship cellphone category. But, which one do you prefer and supports your activities and productivity? The answer can be different.

“Back again as needed. If we want to take details and be more precise, we’ll look at the S23 Ultra (more fitting — ed),” said Verry Octavianus Product Marketing Manager for Samsung Mobile Experience Samsung Electronics Indonesia at the #JoinTheFlipSide Trip with Galaxy Z Fold5 & Z Flip5, Monday (4/9/2023).

According to him, large megapixels certainly have a big influence on image processing so that the results are sharper. It’s no secret that the S23 Ultra is superior in this regard because it has a resolution of 200 MP, with two other cameras of 8 MP and 2 MP. The front camera resolution is 16 MP.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Photo: Aisyah Kamaliah/detikcom

Meanwhile, Galaxy Z Fold5 presents a flagship class camera with a 12 MP Ultra-Wide lens, 50 MP OIS Wide lens, and 10 MP OIS Tele (3x) lens.

“For the Fold, I am much more productive, which means we need a wider 7.6 inch screen, I can use the SPen. The camera can also be better. But if I want to take photography, I often take astro photos, I use the S23 Ultra,” he said.

Galaxy Z Fold5Galaxy Z Fold5. Photo: Sammobile

However, both the Fold5 and S23 Ultra have almost the same advantages when it comes to night photos, aka nightography. Therefore, for the needs of creating content, both of them meet good standards.

“If you want to make content, for example zooming a concert, the S23 Ultra will be much better. But if we want to make coverage, I want to edit quickly, you can use Ultra or Fold. Nightography is equally sharp,” he said.

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